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Achievement suggestions for more PvP title variety

TheElderScrolls1 - Achievement suggestions for more PvP title variety

There are two things, which keep me interested in MMOs: PvP and achievement hunting. While I have an absolutely great time in ESO PvP and enjoy playing multiple characters/classes in all PvP modes (solo/small scale in Cyrodiil, Battlegrounds and even sometimes Duels), the game sadly lacks in the PvP achievement department.

These days you basically see the same 3 titles on every PvP player: "Bloodletter", "The Merciless" and "Battleground Butcher". The only other eye catchers are your occasional "Former Emperor" or "Grand Overlord". This kinda takes away from the uniqueness of those titles. Also there isnt much initiative for certain playstyles/objectives in the game.

Maybe it would be a good idea to add new achievements and title rewards for more diversity among PvP players. It would also encourage less experienced players to jump into PvP, if ZoS added some achievements for less skill orientated objectives.

Thats why I thought about some new achievements and titles, which could fit in the game. Some are more on the fun side, while others should encourage long time PvP participation. Also tried to come up with stuff for solo players, as well as for group play. The specific numbers are just from the top of my head and some of the wording may seem off. Let me know what you think about them and feel free to suggest your own achievement and title ideas. Also discuss your general thoughts about the current state of PvP achievements. Maybe some ZoS employee sees this and takes some inspiration.

Behind enemy lines. Capture 50 resources with full enemy keep connections. Title: Infiltrator

(Couldnt find a better way to describe this in short. Basically taking resources from a keep, which is fully connected to other keeps under enemy control)

Bro Job. Win 5 Battlegrounds as a 4 man group without disbanding. Title: Blood Brother

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Cant win em all. Tie for first place in a Battleground. Title: Rival

Clean Hands. Capture a keep with no gear equipped. Title: Pacifist

Death is not defeat. Place 50 resurrection camps. Title: Saint

Declaration of War. Lead a 20 man group and succesfully capture a keep. Title: Initiator

Healing the wounds. Resurrect 100 players. Title: Saviour / Redeemer

Hold my beer… Kill 10 players within 5 seconds. Title: The Unstable

Hold your ground. Successfully defend 10 keeps from enemy attacks. Title: Bastion

Home Run. Recover 10 Elder Scrolls from the enemy. Title: Carrier

Leading the troops. Capture 30 resources as a group leader. Title: Pack Leader

Reinforcement. Spend 1 million Alliance Points on siege weapons. Title: Warmonger

Slay them all! Go on a 20 man killing spree without dying. Title: Maniac

Someone has to do it. Repair 50 constructions. Title: Caretaker

Sudden Death. Kill a player within 3 seconds after engaging the battle. Title: Executor

Target Practise. Deliver 10 finishing blows with siege weapons. Title: Sniper

This war of mine. Deliver 1000 finishing blows as a solo player. Title: The Lone Wolf

War Pays / Weapon for hire. Earn 50 million Alliance Points. Title: Mercenary

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