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Adventurers! Time has come for #BunnsForEso’s penultimate, 3rd March For Bunnies! [EU]

TheElderScrolls7 - Adventurers! Time has come for #BunnsForEso's penultimate, 3rd March For Bunnies!  [EU]

Greetings to all of you out there, hopefully safe and sound amidst the craziness!

I hope this will find you all safe and sound, maybe tucked in with a friendly companion of your choosing and a beverage to your liking. Please, stay a while and listen if you would.

This upcoming Sunday the 22nd at 18.00 CET we from the #BunnsForEso will be holding the penultimate, third March for Bunnies. Taking place in front of the bank of Mournhold we come to bring fluffiness, happiness and some well-deserved distraction to this lovely community! On our march to bring Bunnies to ESO so that we can all enjoy their long-eared tender nibbles and flippity flops, this time we will be undertaking…


Yes, you have read this right. Yes, I must finally have lost my mind and snapped but what could possibly be better suited for us than to gather in flocks (or schools) of pet-friendly fluff fanatics focused on bringing joy and carrots to the world?! Nothing, nothing I dare say! I'd like to greatly encourage to dress up as a carrot, too, if you feel like it – it will be great fun!

So please, bring your carrots and be prepared to share their joy with everyone around, hopping through the streets and rejoicing in the universal feel of warmth caused by togetherness, wearing entirely too much and being slightly crazed.


I am not entirely sure if the latter causes actual warmth but then again, I'm not a doctor, I'm a wordsmith! So don't take my word for it – be there and find out for yourself!

On top of that, we have thought of other ways to entertain everyone attending and there is a good chance you'll leave with a big smile on your face and hey, who can rightfully say they'd prefer a frown over that? Right?

So come one, come all and let us show ZOS once more just how much we all love bunnies, how much we care about pets in general and especially: what great community we can be if we just leave behind what troubles us and instead focus on what unites us!

There'll be pets, there'll be carrots, there'll be games and maybe, just maybe, there'll be bunnies coming to ESO and you'll have helped make it happen, united under LadySky's banner who will once again be running the event on location.

As per usual, feel free to spread the word using #BunnsForEso anywhere you frequent and help us build awareness for our fluffy cause.

-Yours truly, Clavius Lydoris Probus, Smith of Syllables, Architect of Articulation, on behalf of LadySky and Coldfreeze

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