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This has been a rocky build, and I will start by saying: I am not very good at stamplar.

Right now it is sitting in a somewhat hybrid state in between magicka and stamina, and it's working out okay, but it's not where I want it to be.

I'm gonna go over what it is right now, then the problems I am having, and end with a description of what I want it to be able to do. Any help, advice or discussion on these things is welcome.

Before I get into that though, there are some things that I won't change. I have other characters that can meet other character needs, so these things are set in stone for this particular one:

Things that won't change:

  • Race-Orc: I have 10 characters, one of each race. This is my orc. However non-optimal this may be, it's staying.
  • Werewolf: I like having this as an option on the character.
  • Templar: I am not rerolling to another class. It's too much work to climb back up to level 50, collect all the skyshards, and get all the crafting schools back up.
  • Mainly Stamina focus: even as a hybrid, it's still mostly stamina. I have another magicka focused templar.

Right Now:


  • 5 pc Pelinals (medium armor, infused, 3-stat runes)
  • 2 pc Maw of the infernal (1 heavy, 1 light, infused, 3-stat runes)
  • 5 pc Torug's Pact (Jewelry: stamina and weapon damage, Shield: infused stamina, 1h axe: infused hardening, Back Bar Ice staff: infused hardening)

Tri-stat food

Skills: Front Bar (1-handed and Shield)

  • Pierce Armor
  • Power Bash
  • Solar Barrage
  • Radiant Ward
  • Honor the Dead

Back Bar: (Ice Staff-still leveling this)

  • Force Shock
  • Wall of Elements
  • no idea yet
  • no idea yet
  • Deep Thoughts

Werewolf bar:

  • all the stuff

Okay, up until this current incarnation I have always had trouble with either my survivability, or my damage output. Obviously this is a tank, so the damage output isn't paramount, but I want it at least high enough that when I am doing solo content on the character, it doesn't take a painfully long time to complete.

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My guide to whether or not the build has sufficient damage or survivability has been running solo through public dungeons. If I can stand on my own in there, without it taking too long, then I'll call it good. Group content may not need much DPS from the tank, but I want at least this much.

The torugs with hardening enchantments on the weapons has been a very, very nice boon, with nearly 7k-point shields going back up every few seconds. They even work in Werewolf form.

So this current build has the survival down, and I like it's shields, but now I need to get it's damage up to spec. I am not sure where to take it.

What I would like is a build that can handle the tank role, do okay damage, and notably spend as much time out of werewolf form as in it. I don't want it to require being in werewolf form to get it's damage in.

I would like to restrict any gear changes to crafted, overland or 4-man dungeon sets. While I do kind of want to keep Torugs, I am not married to the rest of the gear.

Seeing as werewolf is a part of the build, I would like to build up good light attacks as part of the build, in any form.

As I said above, any advice or discussion that will help me get there is welcome.

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