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Advice on Sets for a Nightblade Tank

TheElderScrolls5 - Advice on Sets for a Nightblade Tank

Hey everyone! I'm working on a build for a Nightblade tank—because apparently, I'm allergic to the meta—and was hoping to get some advice on the sets I should run (though feedback on my bars is also welcome).

Based on my skills, healing and damage mitigation shouldn't be a problem, and I've tried to worked in as much group utility as I can, but I'm still worried that the build is a little selfish, so I'm hoping to provide group support with my sets. Here are my bars so far (skills will likely move around):

  • Front Bar (Sword and Board):
    • Silver Leash (Crowd Control)
    • Heroic Slash (Debuff)
    • Pierce Armor (Taunt and Debuff)
    • Dark Cloak (Self-Heal and Minor Protection)
    • Dark Shades (I haven't seen this skill included in any Nightblade tank builds, but I'm wondering if it's a good way to add group utility through Minor Maim, and also keep Major Ward/Resolve Up via the Shadow Barrier passive.)
      • (Secondary Ultimate: Group Survivability)

  • Back Bar (TBD Destruction Staff)
    • Elemental Blockade (Proccing the Crusher Enchant, Plus Extra Damage)
    • Refreshing Path (Group Heal that Helps Keep Major Ward/Resolve Up via the Shadow Barrier Passive)
    • Inner Fire (Ranged Taunt)
    • Siphoning Attack (Self-Heal and Magicka Sustain)
    • Mirage (AoE Damage Mitigation and Source of Minor Ward/Resolve)
      • (Primary Ultimate: Group Damage*)*


So far, these are sets I'm considering (I haven't run MoL, so I'm not confident including Roar of Alkosh as an option just yet):

  • Ebon Armory: No surprises here. Health, health for everyone!
  • Akaviri Dragonguard: MORE WARHORNS BABY.
  • Torug's Pact: Not necessarily BiS, but will beef up that Crusher enchant.
  • Knightmare: Haven't seen this included in many tanking builds, but the extra up-time for Minor Maim would be nice.
  • Brands of Imperium: Giving my group an extra damage shield could be helpful, but not sure if this procs enough to be worth the slots.
  • Bloodspawn (Monster): My build isn't the BEST for this monster set, as I'm hoping to keep my resistances pretty high without it, but it's hard to argue with extra ultimate for Warhorn.
  • Lord Warden (Monster): I'm hoping this can be a way I add more group support via resistances.
  • Domihaus (Monster): Does anyone run this set on tanks? Added damage for the DPSers (that stacks with Olorime) could be a unique way to add utility.

Thanks so much for your time, would love to hear any suggestions you have!

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