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After Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, a Political And apocalyptical theory

TheElderScrolls8 - After Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, a Political And apocalyptical theory

Just some ramble nonsense, but a ideia nontheless, I would REALLY love to hear the good and the bad about this ideia for the future of this world. Literally came up with this in the last 10min so no background check, will do once i have time. If this get enough attenion I will research the facts to prove there are reasons for this to be a good possibility

1 I believe certain parts of skyrim has it's feet held on top of an unstable tectonic plate area, even if during the game the are no mentions of earthquakes, or! MAYBE! the thundering sound as we enter skyrim is so powerfull that caused a small scaled sismic activity, ALSO during the rituals, the in game effects, mimics the ground moving out of sheer power from the th'uum, also, given these facts and that, simply greeting to the dragonborn, the other graybeards make the castle tremble. so, thuum can make the earth shake, witch can be result of a tectonic area weakened by time and could be getting influenced by the constant thuum, or the other wayaround, the constant thuums over decades or hundreads of years could be creating a flaw in a tectonic plate, that can have big ways to interfere in the region's politics scene, another note to add is some heat lakes (over heated water lakes and gaysers like in yellowstone park in USA) or cracks on the central are of the map leeching vapor under pressure, wich could indicate magma flowing very near the surface, (and if you know what could happen to yellowstone in a couple of thousand of years, you know where I'm getting at). The very magma that dwemer used to power the aethirium forge. MAGMA molten rock, fact that the same dwemer discovered magical properties from it, that could be coming from the red mountain itself, place of most activity from the heart of lorkhan, this gets fuzzy, but, dwemer found the heart of Lorkhan in the middle of the volcano, and that could be very well the engine making red mountain be what it is, a naturally (or part divine) occuring BOMB.

2 During a College's side quest, arniel tells how dwemer used the convectors with lava heat to change regular soul gems into more powerfull ones, (FULL, not empty, CHARGED soul gems, he mechanizes the process of taking a life and aprisioning it's soul in a vessel (gem) and using it as power source to enchant things.). so, these "warped soul gems" are the enigne or fuel for their creations are modified soul gems that harnested the power from the lava heat and to do that, tha lava had to have some magical porperty, maybe even divine, by having connections with the Heart of Lorkhan

3 My bet is, with all this divine power runing below Skyrim's feet, one day, potencially creating a red mountain 2: second coming, caused by again, more researchers tinkering with the technology to rival the gods, powered by dead gods, shit about to go booom in the middle of a unincaracteristically stable platonic plate, a place with signs of msgma flowing, but no volcanos, only heat lakes and vapors coming from the ground, are a sign of some incriesing tectonic or magma activity.


4 First thing we see, on the next game, the nordic culture burns to ashes, while the alredy burned Dummer from morrowind has a moment to shine with all the east, the destroyed by power lust gone wrong, races who alredy lived in the underveloped east nations home to the kaijiit, argonians and wood elves, will rise to gether the remaining nords of what is left of a neverending war betwenn empire and stormcloacks, together they are the alliance going against altmer,, mostly in high rock and hammerfell, wich are the levearege in this story, with cyrodil being the thalmor's bitch, a broken empire will fall, the septim dinasty will have a forever change in command, and could ens up following the resistance lead by khaijiit, argonians, wood elves and dummer, the outcasts of tamriel. maybe the true freedom to worship any version of a aedra or daedra, and with that common objective, high rock and hammerfell could have a stronger presence in the balance of forces, by not joining the elven supremacy and kikcking them pointy ears to the island they came from, and leave the races of men and bestfolk with the freedom to worship the gods they always meant to worship….their own gods.

5 So, my bet is the thalmor will have some amazingly powerfull magika trick up their sleeves, deals with deadra, who knows what, but with a alredy beaten Empire, their goal to make the world their own, is getting closer with their greatest obstacle on the tip of their fingers, the empire, so the literal explosion of skyrim in half, could no more give them, the power they once had, and nords can become a "poor" race, as we see khaijiit, argonians and dummer.

6 With morrowind getting it's pieces together after the res mountain, the empire AKA cyrodill under thalmor vigilance, and Skyrim sufering from some cataclismic disaster, braking it in half, it makes sense that the other two more "advanced" or "powerfull" provinces are high rock and hammerfell

7 The next game could be about neutralizing this imense threat Thalmor will create (I bet all-in in this ideia, they saw in the eye of magnus something trully especial, with the lusy and and desire for freater power unlike anything we see in Skyrim, and if the eye stayed in the college, thalmor would get that, just like elvens tried to take it from shartall so many years ago, so the thalmor ARE gathering strong sources of magikal power all around tamriel, all of this research will come to a conclusion soon, as seen in the quest we learn the location of the staff of magnus, they were imperial researches and the plann was to map all tamriel signs of concentrated magika, maybe there is a thalmor amidst the ranks ready to steal the research, just like ancano in the college's questline.

8 This immense threat will come in the middle of a tentative from your hero, to make this holy alliance against the thalmor, like so many tried to take places for themselves but got independence,, thalmor don't OWN Tamriel, but if the empire won't, no one will, unless the hero does, the hero gathers all of tamriel to make them stay in the islands, and cut political ties with them high elves, stormcloaks are only the begining, if they come out on top, and realize their strugles are other races sttugles as well, if they take others under their wing in the hate against thalmor and the empire, many could rally together against the thalmor, creating a new empire built on top of blood and lives of all races and religions, making a empire with no incriminations on worshipering a god, and let them be, who they are, whoever it is.

9 I don't believe it's all vs Altmer, maybe they will have MUCH more allies than previously thought, but the basic ideia, is the alliance promoting freedom and tradition of ancient costumes, against the elven supremacy song playing on repeat on max volume.

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