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After the Vampire rework, do you think we could get a Werewolf rework too?

TheElderScrolls10 - After the Vampire rework, do you think we could get a Werewolf rework too?

There is basically no situation where it's not a good idea to be a Vampire (statistically speaking).

Unnatural Recovery and Undeath are equally useful whether you're Stamina or Magicka, and even if you have no interest in PvP stealth, Dark Stalker remains incredibly useful for both the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild DLCs. Even their fire "weakness" is mostly offset by Undeath in PvE. Unless the Greymoor rework turns out to be a massive nerf, then it seems their only real weakness is how it affects your character's appearance.

But what of the noble Werewolf? Awesome, but impractical — sub-optimal, even for its intended purpose of Stamina DPS. It consumes an Ultimate slot, replaces all your skills on use, and actually lowers your DPS. Outside burst damage in Battlegrounds, there's basically no scenario where werewolves truly shine. And if the changes to Light Attacks on PTS go through, Werewolves may lose even this little bit of utility.

I think there are a few, relatively unobtrusive ways to improve werewolves, and since I'm a fan of shouting into the void, I figured I would share some:

  • To make Werewolves powerful generalists like Vampires, all you would need to do is give them passives like vampires have. Wolves only get a Stamina Regen bonus that only applies if you have the transformation slotted, thus giving up an ultimate slot. If instead, they got one or two unique passives like Dark Stalker, this would make lycanthropy essentially an alternative choice to vampirism.
  • To make Werewolves more viable as DPS, you could allow players to slot some class skills into the Werewolf bar. This would make lycanthropy somewhat akin to how Overload used to work. The class skills could benefit from your increased Werewolf stats, while players would still be limited by the fact they only have a single bar, and no access to weapon skills and therefore would be incentivized not to stay transformed forever.
  • To give Werewolves functionality as tanks, you really would only need to give them a taunt. I always felt Werewolves should have been able to serve as tanks. They have an armor bonus, CC and good sustain. The only thing they don't have is a way to hold aggro. Its not like they would even be outperforming endgame non-Wolf tanks, as they don't have the same kind of utility that Wardens or Dragonknights do. Letting even one skill taunt would still open up a whole new way to play.

What do you guys think? Any fellow werewolves wish this form would get some love?

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