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Alkosh on Tanks(My two sets on the demanded set)

TheElderScrolls11 - Alkosh on Tanks(My two sets on the demanded set)

Disclaimer: I'm a very experienced tank PC/NA Wanting to share thoughts about potentially improving the Quality of Life of tanking in The Elder Scrolls Online. I am not saying Alkosh is a bad set, I am only wanting to share information to promote thought to try and improve the Progression side the community that isn't at End Game.

Alkosh on Tanks

Discussion on the Medium armor set
Pretext, Discussion of DPS vs Tank Roles.

This question is a bit subjective, this will vary based on your personal opinion on this. Neither of the two examples I present is truly wrong, or right. Two examples below
Offensive Style
1) Tanks job is to provide Debuffs, aid in large add control, survive, and of course do mechanics.
Defensive Style
2) Tanks jobs are to Survive, Add management, control the flow of combat(whether that’s the rate things die or the flow in which they die, provide off healing support/defensive boosts.
There is also a Mixed aspect to this of course.
Understanding Resistance Mitigation

Comparing DPS it’s key to know the difference between Player vs NPC resistances.
Player Resistances: 660 Resistance, is 1% of damage mitigation. (33,000 being the cap for players. Equal to 50% damage mitigation)
NPC Resistances: 500 Resistance, is 1% of damage mitigation
Capped at 18,200 for some reason on veteran/trial based content, Aka 36.4% damage mitigation. Normal dungeon/trial/vMA resistances are on average 12,000 or 24% damage mitigation

Mitigation Sources P(physical)/S(Spell)

  1. Crusher: 1,622 P/S
  2. Infused/Torug’s Pact Crusher: 2,108 P/S
  3. Torug’s Pact+Infused: 2,740 P/S
  4. Major Breach/Major Fracture: 5,280 P/S
  5. Minor Breach/Minor Fracture: 1,320 P/S
  6. Maximum Piercing/Spell Erosion: 5,280 P/S
  7. Spinner’s/Spriggans: 3,450 P
  8. Twice-fanged Serpent: 4,300 P
  9. Kra’gh set: 1,487 P
  10. Tzogvin set: 1,487 P
  11. Unfathomable Darkness: 1,487 P
  12. Alkosh: 3,010 P/S
  13. Auroran’s Thunder: 1,487 S
  14. Flame Blossom: 1,487 S
  15. Icy Conjuror: 1,487 S
  16. Hand of Mephala: Minor Fracture
  17. Lover Mundus: 2,752-4,196 P/S Based on Divines
  18. Light Armor Passive: 4,884 S
  19. Sharpened Trait: 1h(1,376) 2h(2,752)

Given a General Pen setting for further discussion.

  1. Veteran Raid scenario 100,000,000 & 59,200,000(similar to vSO HM)Health Boss.
  2. Three situations given group DPS: 200k, 350k, and a higher 500k
  3. Base pen given: Major Breach+Fracture, Light Armor Passive, Torug’s Infused Crusher, 22(Mag)/51(stam) Piercing(4012)/spell erosion(/2067) 2 sharpened for Stamina
  4. Stamina Pen: 14,784 (29.5% damage increase to vet dungeons 2,784 overpen in normal)
  5. Magicka Pen: 14,971 (29.9% damage increase to vet dungeons 2,971 overpen in normal.)

The Numbers, Comparing group DPS vs Alkosh buffed DPS

Pre-Alkosh with the above situation.

  1. 100,000,000/200,000(DPS)
    Time to kill: 500s or 8 Minutes, 20 seconds
  2. 100,000,000/350,000(DPS)
    Time to kill: 285.7s or 4 Minutes, 45.7 seconds
  3. 100,000,000/500,000(DPS)
    Time to kill: 200s or 3 Minutes, 20 seconds
  4. 59,200,000/200,000(DPS)
    Time to kill: 296s or 4Minutes, 56 Seconds
  5. 59,200,000/350,000(DPS)
    Time to kill: 169.1s or 2 Minutes, 49.1 Seconds
  6. 59,200,000/500,000(DPS)
    Time to kill: 118.4s or 1 Minute, 58.4 Seconds

With Alkosh Buff 3010 Pen added to both, aka 6% damage increase at 100% uptime 3% average on 50% BOTH will be listed below.

  1. 100,000,000/212,000(DPS at 100%) 206,000(DPS at 50%)
    Time to Kill (100%): 471.6s or 7 Minutes, 51.6
    Time to kill (50%):485.4s or 8 minutes 5.4 seconds

  2. 100,000,000/371,000(100%) 360,500(50%)
    Time to kill (100%):269.5 or 4 Minutes, 29.5 Seconds
    Time to kill (50%): 277.4 or 4 minutes 37.4 seconds

  3. 100,000,000/530,000(100%) 515,000(50%)
    Time to kill (100%): 188.7s or 3 minutes 8.7s
    Time to Kill (50%): 194.2s or 3 Minutes 14.2seconds

  4. 59,200,000/212,000 (100%) 206,000 (50%)
    Time to kill (100%): 279.2s or 4 Minutes, 39.2 Seconds
    Time to Kill (50%): 287.4 or 4 Minutes, 47.4 Seconds

  5. 59,200,000/371,000 (100%) 360,500 (50%)
    Time to kill (100%): 159.6s or 2 Minutes, 39.6 Seconds
    Time to Kill (50%): 164.2s or 2 minutes, 44.2

  6. 59,200,000/530,000 (100%) 515,000 (50%)
    Time to kill (100%): 111.7s or 1 Minute, 51.7 Seconds
    Time to Kill (50%): 115s or 1 Minutes 55 Seconds

Thoughts on the Math.

This was a key detail to the math after everything was done. AS above you can see that depending on the length of a fight in its entirety due to a Higher and higher Health pool Alkosh will reduce the time more over time. The biggest issue that is challenged is when we maintain the mindset of a question “None of the stats provided by any other sets aren’t significant enough to make the same difference Alkosh can.” Which isn’t wrong however it is not entirely accurate either, the best example of Alkosh being an inferior tank set is in the Veteran Cloudrest Trial MT. Due to how the healing debuff and more works, Alessian Order, Beekeeper, Jailers Tenacity, are a few of the great examples of sets that will be better than Alkosh for that given trial for the Tank to wear, it may even be argued that a Stamplar running Alkosh Due to how Power of the light works in a lot of situations could be a lot more viable to increase the DPS amount, As PoL adds about 3% at 100% uptime, and in that trial if they’re not part of the portal team the debuffs would always be towards the targets of focus, with a higher overall uptime than a MT would get in vCR given the particular strategy.
In Craglorns I can see and fully agree with the use of Alkosh in those situations I can see and agree with the use of it. It’s mainly in examples like veteran Cloudrest and Progression runs where synergies may not be as plentiful with it being a progression group and learning mechanics/heavy healing and more. A defensive playstyle of the Tanks may be a more suitable form of handling things.
Just want to share my thoughts for non meta running guilds that there isn’t a cookie cutter way of achieving similar results, and personally Alkosh is the bane of existence in my opinion as a tank, I can use and complete any of the current trials with it equipped, but the lack of variety, and more makes it very draining from my perspective as a tank. I may be alone on that part, but it drains me and my drive as a tank as I believe this set alone is hindering the innovation, creativity, and overall population of tanks in the game due to the demand by a vast portion of the end game community/meta Just thought I’d share my thoughts and give an idea of the time differences between alkosh being present or not, no doubt the best score run changing set. I know that there’s been a massive cry out for more tanks in the community and support typically in general, Healers at least get a benefit of their buffing sets actually benefiting them outside of IA which Pet sorcs even at times take over for them, yet no one takes over Alkosh, could help a lot of tanks find their drive to tank again in the game having more of a creative freedom.
Some common counter arguments that I’ve heard which at first glance are great.
1)Crusher enchantments why run that if you can’t get 100% uptime and it does a similar time difference compared to Alkosh in a fights duration?
A)Well Crusher is still a fantastic boost only 1% less than alkosh in terms of dps increase comparatively the major benefit crusher has is it’s just an enchantment.
2)Could a similar argument be made involving the utility of Olorime and sets of the such?
A)Unfortunately no, because the 2-4 bonuses that Olo and majority of sets in those fields provide bonuses that actually benefit the healer themselves, it’s in comparison to if we forced healers to wear Olo(the ebon of healers in the instance,) and Powerful Assault. Could they? Sure, but the healing from vigor is comparatively low and only 1 of the 2-4 bonuses boosts their survival while none boost their actual HPS.
3)What about it being compared to Combat prayer? 8% increase if maintained at 100% to the base damage and not damage done.
A)I would agree with you if this is an argument that you want to make. But the biggest issue that leaves imbalance to this as a reasonable argument is that it’s a Skill, and not 5pc set that provides me nothing but loss of stam/mag/recoveries and overall better survival/potential group utility defensively.

I hope you guys all have a lovely day, Quest on~ 🙂

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