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So, I just finished the Main Quest and have started Cadwell's Silver. The way the game explains this quest is that it is basically what would have happened if you had washed up on a different island. As far as the game is concerned, the only reason your character is part of their alliance is because they coincidentally got dropped off in that alliance's territory.

I see it differently.

I crafted a backstory where my character already was a member of their alliance, so landing in a different part of Tamriel wouldn't just change their allegiance. Unless I changed their backstory. I basically headcanon that Cadwell's Silver shows me how my character's life would have gone if certain events in their past had been different.

The backstory of my Vestige boils down to this: He was a Nord born in Eastmarch about 16 years before the Akaviri invasion. His parents were basically worthless and he was stuck taking care of his little sister on his own. He eventually made his way to Windhelm, where he took up an apprenticeship to become a blacksmith. Things were looking up, until the Akaviri attacked. The Vestige's little sister was killed during the Sacking of Windhelm, so he joined Jorunn's army and fought in the Battle at Ebonheart. He was present when the Ebonheart Pact was founded and continued to serve in its army until the Planemeld.

So, for Cadwell's Silver, I decided to change that backstory in a way that would lead to that same character joining the Daggerfall Covenant instead.


In this timeline, the little sister survived the sacking, so, instead of joining Jorunn's army, my character fled west with her. They settle down in Whiterun and manage to rebuild their life. A few years later, while returning to Whiterun from a short trip, the Vestige comes across a small skirmish. Assassin's from the Aldmeri Dominion were attacking a Covenant nobleman and his family. He fought back the assassins and saved the nobleman, who, impressed by the Vestige's prowess, suggested that he join the Daggerfell Covenant. As an added incentive, the nobleman offered to take in the Vestige's sister as his ward.

While the Vestige still felt some sense of loyalty towards King Jorunn, the Vestige ultimately accepted the offer for his sister's sake. He joined the Covenant military and served until the Planemeld.

I'm still on the fence about doing Cadwell's Gold, because I really don't like the Dominion, but I went ahead and made an alteration for that as well.

In this timeline, the Vestige rejects the nobleman's offer out of loyalty to his fellow Nords in the Pact. He returns home and continues to live his life for a few months, until he is approached by an Altmer. The Altmer introduces himself as the officer in charge of the assassination that the Vestige had thwarted. While he resented the Vestige for his actions, he also respected his battle prowess and thought he would make a fine instrument for the Dominion. He then informed the Vestige that the Dominion had kidnapped his sister and installed her as a serving girl for a noble lady in Valenwood. Her properity would depend on the Vestige's service. Grudgingly, the Vestige agrees to serve the Dominion.

A bit of a stretch, I know, but it was fun to think about.

How about you? Did you just accept this quest, no questions asked? Or did you also craft and alter backstories for your character to fit this narrative?

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