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Altmer Titles and Their Significance

TheElderScrolls13 - Altmer Titles and Their Significance

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response to a thread on ESO-RP back in February of 2019. The original Google doc with these titles will be updated over time if and when new titles are found. Please let me know in the comments below if I have missed anything or if this thread is useful!

General Titles

In general, -reeve at the end of a title is something of an honorary title granted to someone who is overseeing/leading something. An example is
Online:Craftreeve Midalmo - Altmer Titles and Their Significance1
, or even
Bureaureeve (leader of a bureau — also called a magistrate) and
Online:Tithereeve Atofir - Altmer Titles and Their SignificanceTithereeve
(tax collector). Kinreeves are not a thing as far as I am aware. More titles, big or small, can be browsed at the UESP wiki that includes all Altmer NPCs from ESO.

Governmental Titles

Societal Titles

  • Aicantar – writer?
  • Online:Proctor Finemo - Altmer Titles and Their SignificanceProctor – civil servant, officer of sorts.

  • Overseer – an Altmeri laborer.
  • Online:Soothsayer Erralle - Altmer Titles and Their Significance
    Soothsayer – a person who predicts the future.
  • Numinous:
    eso alinor and ayarene - Altmer Titles and Their Significance
    mentioned in unreleased ESO content for Summerset It is/was a term used to refer to the Soulshriven /someone being one.
  • Optimate
    eso alinor and ayarene - Altmer Titles and Their Significance
    mentioned in unreleased ESO content for Summerset. A noble/aristocrat.

"And honor it is, according to the Queen. By her decree, all Numinous are awarded the status of Optimate, with access to the Mulberry and Turquoise districts of Alinor."

"Title and social status are of supreme importance to the Altmer! The Queen has granted all Numinous the noble title of "Optimate" – an honor indeed! You need defer to no one of lower status than a Kinlord."

"Beneath the Queen are the Kinlords and Kinladies. Next come Optimates, then Exultants, then commoners such as guards and artisans. The Ousters are pariahs, Altmer who have left or been banished from their Kinships. I pretend not to see them."

"Aren't Ousters forbidden from the Kinholds?"

"I'm an Ouster – you really should pretend not to see me, Optimate. But you're not quite like the others, are you?"

"Each great Kinhouse is home to an extended family of Altmer, a Kinship. For example, to the east of here is the Isquer Kinhouse, home of the Isquer Kinship. Kinlord Maldarawo, head of the Isquers, is the leading Altmer of his region."

  • Discarnates and Aquifi are Daedric servants magically bound and used to do manual labor.
    eso alinor and ayarene - Altmer Titles and Their Significance
    Mentioned in unreleased ESO content for Summerset

Military Titles

  • Prime Battlereeve – perhaps a higher rank than Battlereeve? It is
    Online:Tor Hame Khard - Altmer Titles and Their Significancementioned only.
  • Battlereeve – military officers. They are not limited to generals, but still lead a portion of some organisation (eg First Auridon Marines). The explanation for them is somewhat obscure. 1
    Online:Battlereeve Farwenya - Altmer Titles and Their Significance3

    Online:Battlereeve Urcelmo - Altmer Titles and Their Significance5
    Furthermore, the following quote can be found from unreleased ESO content:

"A Battlereeve is a commander in the Altmer military. Only warriors who have served Summerset for at least four centuries may be appointed Battlereeves."

  • Grand Warlord – perhaps a
    Online:Grand Warlord Sorcalin - Altmer Titles and Their Significance
    pvp title only.

Religious Titles

  • Aldarch – head priests of monasteries, temples or shrines.
    Online:Aldarch Colaste - Altmer Titles and Their Significance
    Online:Aldarch Oiomifwe - Altmer Titles and Their Significance
  • Aldarch Protector
    Online:Aldarch Protector - Altmer Titles and Their SignificanceAltmer soldiers protecting monks (at least in Shimmerene).
  • Monastic – priests/monks. Keepers of sacred relics.
    Online:Monastic Firruldoril - Altmer Titles and Their Significance2

    Online:Monastic Nuleros - Altmer Titles and Their Significance4

    Online:Monastic Urwende - Altmer Titles and Their Significance

Sapiarch Titles

Lore:College of Sapiarchs - Altmer Titles and Their Significance

A sagely order considered by many to be Summerset's foremost scholars and finest magical minds.

Their titles are essentially based on if they are professors in any of the fields of study that they teach in.

Eg Professor of Applied Phrenology,
Sapiarch of Current Chronologies,
Online:Sapiarch Tandemen - Altmer Titles and Their Significance
Sapiarch of Foreign Observations,
Online:Sapiarch Soraturil - Altmer Titles and Their SignificanceMaster of Psychocartography
Sapiarch of Arcanology,
Online:Rinyde - Altmer Titles and Their Significance
Sapiarch of Artifice ,
Lore:The Myth of the Sea Sloads - Altmer Titles and Their SignificanceSapiarch of Aquatic Malevolence
, Assistant Sapiarch of Altmeri Heritage, Artuudawen Thousand-Shoes, Sapiarch of Apparel Analysis, Sapiarch of Zoological Studies,
Sapiarch of Oceanic Occurrences,
Lore:From the notes of Culalanwe, Sapiarch of Oblivion Studies - Altmer Titles and Their SignificanceSapiarch of Oblivion Studies
, etc etc.

The Divine Prosecution & Thalmor

"The Divine Prosecution is a division of the Queen's Thalmor, charged with enforcing secular and religious law through Summerset. We investigate corruption and crime, and adjudicate legal disputes."

Online:Chief Justiciar Suriwen - Altmer Titles and Their Significance

"The Divine Prosecution serves as Summerset's premier lawkeepers. We enforce secular and religious law, making sure that all social and cultural rules are adhered to."

Considering the Divine Prosecution is
Online:Chief Justiciar Carawen - Altmer Titles and Their Significance

merely a division of the Thalmor, technically the same ranks could apply.
Online:Justiciar Elanar - Altmer Titles and Their Significance1

Further Reading

A few good fanwritten threads on r/teslore may give further insights or ideas, such as…

  • … An Analysis Of The Altmer Caste System In The Late 420's
  • … The Political Situation Of The Summerset Isles In The Late 420's

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