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Am I in the minority for not agreeing with dps who queue as tanks?

TheElderScrolls3 - Am I in the minority for not agreeing with dps who queue as tanks?

I see a lot of people on the subreddit who agree with me on this but it honestly feels like the majority of people I find in-game don't.

I think ir's honestly toxic to queue as a tank if you're not a tank. To clarify, I have no problem with it if you're grinding an easier dungeon (for example if you're farming Sanctuary or something.) As long as you actually have a solid build that can pull your weight, go for it. I wouldn't expect someone trying to get decent loot to wait sometimes 10 minutes, but at the same time in most circumstances they can't really use that defense since a lot of the sets I see these people grinding for are tank/healer sets yet they're playing dps. So why not just use that character when they get to 50 if it's a normal dungeon to begin with? The fact that a lot of people use the "it's a normal dungeon, get over it" excuse just makes that even worse. If it's so easy then do it as your other character.

But I'm sure there are some situations where someone's only option is a dps, rare as it seems to be. In which case I could understand it. But I really can't think of any excuse for queuing a random dungeon with a fake role.

This is really toxic in my opinion in a couple main ways. First off, it slows down the queue speeds for other people since you're effectively sniping a group other people could be getting out of the activity finder. Adding to that, you have no idea what dungeon you're getting into, which is kind of a big deal when you can't play the role you lined up as. I spent so long trying to get groups to do grinding for dungeon sets in places like Lair of Maarselok but I couldn't get one, so I used the activity finder as a healer (I don't play a tank and probably won't make one for a while since I don't find them that fun in ESO.) Between players who didn't know the mechanics or didn't have solid enough builds, I had enough trouble as is. Even on the rare occasions I got a good actual tank most of the time when I try to walk them through the mechanics they either can't catch on well, just straight up don't listen, or just didn't have a solid enough build on their character yet to pull through, and they ended up getting impatient and leaving.


But the majority of my runs were just a "tank" going "whoops sorry I don't think I can run this dungeon" or they just die over and over because they're actually just some brand new unfinished dps build who wanted to get in faster. This happened so many times I spent upwards of 3 hours on runs that never finished, and sometimes I would get infuriatingly close before my group lost patience. Some people would just leave because they didn't feel ready to do the dungeon or they didn't want to, which I guess I can understand. But the fake tanks were costing me more than any of those other obstacles. In the end I gave up for now and just replaced the set I was looking for with a different one until I feel like I can run it with an organized group without an aneurysm.

I know I'm not the only person who has stuff like this happen either which just annoys me. People who want to get in dungeons faster because of the wait time that got inflated by people doing the same thing they're doing to get in now end up screwing over people like me who can't find good groups from guilds or zone chats.

I find that kind of behavior toxic myself, but it feels like the majority of people outside the subreddit accuse me of being toxic for saying this kind of stuff, but they never bother to explain why it's not a bad thing before they just stop responding or block me or something. I'm perfectly willing to have my opinion changed, I just want to know if there's something I'm missing here.

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