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An argument in favor of the continued power of the Enchanting skill

TheElderScrolls8 - An argument in favor of the continued power of the Enchanting skill

One thing I'm sure we can mostly agree on is that magic is fundamentally more potent than swinging swords or maces or thrusting spears. Any mage who lives long enough becomes a demigod sooner or later. Certainly they give you the most trouble throughout the series. The way I see it, enchanting is absolutely meant to be extraordinarily more powerful than any other skill in the series. It is the product of toolmaking – the trade of intelligent creatures – and magic, the very force of the gods. It is a means to blur the lines between mage and warrior or mage and rogue. A studied enchanter can make items so powerful that a farmer could don them and become quite skilled at casting spells with this artificial boon, and a meek bookworm given specially enchanted armor could become herculean in his strength on the battlefield, matching experienced warriors.

Personally, I would like to see a return of requiring more powerful souls, like those of deadra of demi-god status, to properly justify the height of the craft's potency. Enchanting is a versatile handyman's tool which should be capable of making a novice in their field an expert, and a master into a veritable god on Nirn, and it should, I think, remain more or less the means by which a player character can relatively easily boost themself to power fantasy levels of ridiculousness if it is leveled quickly.

I envision that the best representation of Enchanting for future installments is thus:


The player can manage access to meager, yet not insignificant enchantment power early on in the game, with a few basic enchantments to boost their damage output or mana pool by a margin enough to help them survive their time as a low level character. To make this affordable, there should be available a basic form of enchanting that grants a small effect, such as +3 fire damage, which requires either affordable soul gems of weak strength, or another form of item, such as scrolls with runes, tying back to the previous form of enchanting employed before the proliferation of soul gems.

As the player progresses, they may begin buying better materials with their wealth attained by modest adventures, gaining them somewhat more substantial enchantments, with this advancement containing until they are at or near the maximum enchanting limit, which then allows them to employ grand souls into their craft, which would be not only a step up as they had enjoyed previously, but an exponential improvement to anything they once had before, unlocking a new tier of unique enchantments and constant effects which need no recharching.

Feel free to share critiques and ideas, and to ask questions some might have a discussion. Please… I'm bored.

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