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An ES Travels Setup Guide

TheElderScrolls11 - An ES Travels Setup Guide

Hello everyone, almost 2 years ago I made it my goal to play completely through every single Elder Scrolls game released in order of release date. I've been in no rush to finish them as I enjoy everything each game has to offer, but recently, as I was nearing the end of my Morrowind run, I questioned if I was insane enough to actually play through the
The Elder Scrolls Travels - An ES Travels Setup Guide

ES Travels games that came out after Morrowind. Well considering your reading this post than it means yes, I am.

Despite what some on the internet say, setting this up is a bit difficult as the game files themselves, specifically TEST Stormhold, are nearly extinct from the internet save for the few Russian translated ones. This post will be a run down of how I got these games running and a collection of links and helpful sources of information that helped me along the way. Hopefully this helps other people that don't want to go through the painful process of getting this together and working properly all without getting some internet herpes on your pc.

PS. Unfortunately this does not include TEST Shadowkey as it was made for Nokia N-Gage and there is no working Symbian OS Emulator for Windows that I could find. You would need an actual Nokia N-Gage to play it.

1) Java Runtime Environment

You're going to need Java as Stormhold, Dawnstar, and the Mobile Oblivion game were made for J2ME. (As well as BREW)

KEmulator (Alternate
kemulator.jaleco - An ES Travels Setup GuideLink

There are a few J2ME emulators out there, but among the ones I tried, KEmulator works the best for me.

  • Sjboy-Java Emulator is another popular J2ME emulator, although through testing some of the .jar files with Virus Total it detected that it made exterior connections with a server in China, which I discovered was owned by Alibaba, a competitor of Tencent. I rather not risk having Commies breathing down my neck.

a) Save Fix

Stormhold and Dawnstar don't save properly under KEmulator due to bugs in its implementation of records. I found a fix generously provided from this

who had the file in his description. Install KEmulator Lite 0.9.8in the usual way, then replace KEmulator.jar with the one linked. (Source code for fixes.)

3) A Custom Launcher and Games


Amazingly I discovered this random blogger who had found working game files, that aren't in Russian, of Stormhold, Dawnstar, and Oblivion. He even coded his own little
custom launcher for all three games. The dropbox for all these files are linked at the bottom of the blog. Alternate

  • Note that he has his own version of KEmulator in the Dropbox folder, but his version didn't work or even open for me. Not sure why it doesn't work, but I replaced his KEmulator folder, and all its contents, with the one you would download from Step 2.
  • Also, you may run into the problem where his custom launcher doesn't work and the buttons for each game in the launcher doesn't actually do anything but open cmd for a millisecond. I address fixing this later if you care enough.

a) Oblivion Fix

Oblivion Mobile doesn't work well in emulators due to a race condition. That race condition was repaired and posted in the same

description from before. Use this version and replace the one given by the blogger.

4) Setting up KEmulator.

First, make sure you can run KEmulator.exe and that it opens. Then click on View -> Options and set the resolution (Under the Custom tab) to 176 x 208. This is, from what I can tell, the intended resolution for these games.

From there go to the System tab and make sure the "Associate with *.jar files" is checked.

Go to the Keymap tab and un-check the "Enable Key Cache". For some reason this fixed an issue where it wasn't registering my key inputs. You can also edit your key binds here.

a) Extra Tips

By going to the drop down Tool tab you can Zoom KEmulator so that you aren't squinting at your screen.

Under the Midlet tab I changed my 2D Graphics to AWT-Graphics, it just looks sharper.

From here you should be able to run the games fine. Just click Midlet and select Load Jar then navigate to where you have the game jar files saved. *It may make you restart for Dawnstar but thats normal.

5) Fixing The Custom Launcher (Optional)

If the Launcher the blogger gave isn't working for you I found a way to fix it.

  1. First, start by taking all of the contents within the KEmulator folder, the same folder that replaced the broken blogger's KEmulator folder, and move them in the same directory where his actual launcher and shortcut programs are.
  2. After that, right click on each shortcut for all 3 games and got to Properties -> Shortcut tab and replace the Targets for each to the following.
  • Stormhold: %windir%System32cmd.exe /c start "" "%CD%KEmulator.exe" "%CD%TEST-Stormhold.jar"
  • Dawnstar: %windir%System32cmd.exe /c start "" "%CD%KEmulator.exe" "%CD%TEST-Dawnstar.jar"
  • Oblivion: %windir%System32cmd.exe /c start "" "%CD%KEmulator.exe" "%CD%TEST-Oblivion.jar"

*** Make sure the Jar files for the 3 games are named "TEST-Stormhold" "TEST-Dawnstar" "TEST-Oblivion" ***

*** Also DO NOT rename the shortcuts from their original ***

*** Lastly, make sure the Jar files for all 3 games are in the same directory as the shortcuts and the Custom Launcher ***

Source: Original link

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