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An idea for fan discussion.

TheElderScrolls15 - An idea for fan discussion.

Hi so this is an idea that been stuck in my head for a long time, playing Oblivion and Skyrim during lockdown hasn't helped. Feel free to give feedback but do it right please. Explain and offer suggestion, don't just say it bad or somthing.

So TES is a roleplaying game and as such players ar some point want to be an important person. By important I don't just mean being the "chosen one" but some more down to earth.

In addition I as a fan love the work shop build interduced in the newest fallout games. But I feel like those mechanic's should most stay in Fallout as more place we can build means less cool things the deves will make.

So a compromise I had was this. What about a home faction quest line? The ideas is simple in the next game some point in the main questline you will end up meeting a local highish ranking noble. You save there life and they make you a baron or count and grant you a piece of land to govern/develop. This would be the start of a rich and fleshed out faction quest line equal to any guild's in length and depth if not better.

The quest would start with you checking you seemingly normal or kinda shitty land out and getting some peasants to come and work it. This land would be were you would have your fallout style workshop, maybe combine with heartfire's to make an hybrid..?

Some time after you got the peasant working the poor land and the player had written it off as lame or inconsequential. You get a letter frome the head peasant to come to back to the land. You arrive and find out that your peasant have discovered a rare metal, gold, silver, ebony ect. You then get the next quest to open a mine and get it operational and profitable.

At this point the faction villan shows up. A rival barron or count with land close to you. He is a noble by birth and consider you trash think typical noble asshole. He demands you land and mine and you of course tell him to fuck off. The noble pissed off leaves but swear vengeance and that he will "get what should be his".

Thanks to the profit of the mine and the out of pocket money from the player the land can be finaly turned into a proper settlement. This is were the first of many upgrades can be made, such as upgrading the basic sharped stake log wall into an actual iron fence. Or turning the peasant straw shacks into whiterun looking basic homes. The point of this quest lone and idea is to make both a place that the player will really care about rather then just another player home, and also providing a money sink for all your gold.

The next quest will happen a in game week later with some of the miners and peasant getting gravely sick. As boss it up to you to find out why. After some good not so simple detective work you discover that the water has been poisoned! Your then tasked with getting and antidote by ether buying or making it. And then taking the mercenaries that did it. You track them down, and the boss and gang reval that your head is wanted!

The evil noble is behind this but unfortunately there is no evidence linking him to anything. This will be a reopening thing that the noble is evil but smart he leaves no traceable evidence behind.

The next quest happens after some more time has passed and the small settlement is now the size of whiterun. The quest begins as you notice that many of the peasants are treating you with distain and contempt. After investigating you find out that the evil noble has been have his mean spread evil rumors about you. Things like your a skooma addict, and that you sexually harass your servants and maid, your even being blamed for some children gone missing that you apparently sold off.

You of course do your best to set things right by doing the peasants favors like doing some sudden costly repairs and find the lost kids. Unfortunately the opinion doesn't change soon enough and a riot almost brakes out and you and your guards have to decide how to deal with it. No matter how you deal with it you be directed to God to bed after a tiring day. As you sleep you are awoken mid rest by smoke, you house is on fire!!

Que a frantic conflict as you fight some armed assassin as your try to escape a burning building. Once you escape you find clues point to the noble again, maybe a half burned note? After this you get the options to rebuild your house this time from a normal if fancie house to an actual manor/mansion, its costly but your worth it right?

Soon after the fire you get a note from the high ranking noble who granted you your land and title in the first place. You are being told to come at once. Once you arrive you find out that the evil noble is trying to paint you as a terrible and incompetent lord/lady! He use the riot and fire as well as a fraudulent petition from the peasant asking for you to be fired agaisnt you.

Here you can take a couple of paths, those with charm and charisma can simply talk there way out. Very wealth player can get help from servant and other nobles by bribes or favors/side quests. Ether way you play it eventually you manged to calm down the high ranked noble and the evil one leaves angry.


From hear things calm down a bit, you build you land more. Later your asked to kill some abandoning bandits in the area. These bandits are normal bandits killing and robbing your people. After killing their leaders things chill for a bit, an in game week passes by. Moral is high and the people are celebrate a large harvest/discovery of massive peice of the rare metal (about the size of a person and its all pure and high grade).

After the celebration you drunkenly walked back to you place and pass out on your bed. Once again your awoken in the middle of the knight not by fire but by screams of you head guard, the place is under attack!! Your shake off you drunked feeling and race out the door. You see I'm what looks like a sige almost. Building everywhere on fire as well as dead bodies everywhere. Your men are fight want look to be a combination of mercenaries and bandits from before. You and your men fight your way through them as they pillage and murder and you do your best to see your people!

Final in a dramatic and hopefully citimatic moment you arrive in the center of town to find the evil noble in full ebony armor. He does the evil villan monolog and sound half way on hinged.He goes into detail about all his plans you have foiled and how each one made him more and more angry and annoyed till finally driving him over the edge. He tells you that he plans to murder every single person in your settlement down to the last man, woman, and child, including you!! He will then go to the high ranked noble and give a sob story about how he saw he poor nighbor being raided by an recently anger bandit clan. Oh how they looted the place and murder everybody even the babies!!

The dialgue should show that this guys is now of his rocker. He proceeds to fight you amongst the on fire town, he is very well equipped and doesn't fight fare order his men to join in and try and flank you. The fight is hard but finaly you succeed and finally kill the bastard!! An near by wounded enemy soldier sees you dramaticly behead his former boss and is scared straight. He begs you not to kill him and that he knows were evidence of his bosses crimes are. You can decide what to do with them.

Ether choice lead you to heading to the now dead nobles small estate to find evidence. If you spare the goon then you can get in easy with no bloodshed. You find evidence of the dead nobles crimes agaisnt both you and of the people. You bring this to the high ranked noble and they thank you granting you an title increase as well as all the mony of the dead noble mines some taxes and such.

The quest line then officially ends but unlocks the final custome options, such as turning your manor into an small castle and uprated the town to be on the quality of solitude, aka very fiance and strong. The people are happy and safe now and you are a popular and possibly rich lord of your own town.

With the plot out of the way let's talked faction character cast. Ideas I had where the following.

An male imperial man at arms captain. A former legion leget and veteran of the great war who was let go when he killed Altmer spies after the war ended. He grumpy and battle harder but a trusted comander of your men. Has special dialogue and small side quest if your an high elf. Is recruited.

An expert female nord blacksmith. She is a strong but good natured person who takes a bit of time to warm up to you. She has travel all across Tamriel and learned smithing arts and practices from all kinds of races. She is an exspet level smith but she can forge stalrim, ebony, bone mold, she even clams to know how to make the indorl armor from Morrowind. She says that the only thing keeping her from being a master smith is just years or practice and working her craft. Is recruited.

An female Argonian maid. Thats right you heard me an Argonian maid. This female lizard grew up read the "books" and decide that she wanted to be a maid just like the story character. She has no idea that the story is just smut and genuinely want to be a maid she even says lines from the books, such as asking if she can polish your spear. Seeks you out.

Female dunmmer court wizard. An mage that can be recruited to your services. She greatly wants to serve a lord as it means they will pay for her research materials and experiments. Is a bit manic but is quiet a kind sole uses her magic to help the common people often. Is recruited.

Male High elf steward. Is available after you get the mine up and running. He is the normal high elf snob but is also a kiss ass. His vackstorybis that he has zero magic talent and is there for a reject amongst his people. He desire to get in with the rich and powerful and sees you as his ticket up. Is used to help mange the town In multiple ways such as collecting requrst from the people to ordering supplies and staying up-to-date on the town. Seeks you out.

Whooo!! So that my idea and characters. This idea is one that I would love to see in TES 6 as it will give us a feel of real power and a place to truly call home. There are of course other features such as tax collection and help the peasants and faction cast.

Once again thoughts or comments? I would love to discuss.

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