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An idea for race change regarding the updated race passives

TheElderScrolls13 - An idea for race change regarding the updated race passives

I read about all the race passive changes on the forums and the general consensus for most people that are upset is that we are only granted 1 race change token per account rather than per character that we, the players, have gone through the grind of leveling up and gathering skyshards, doing crafting research, etc. for. These changes are similar to class, weapon, and guild skill changes that ZOS update frequently, causing some skills to be more viable than others for different content.


My suggestion is that we add a statue of a person of a certain race in that race's predominant zone (Eastmarch for Nords, Alik'r Desert for Redguards, Reaper's March for Khajiit, etc.) that players can visit to change the race of the character they are on. These statues will function similar to shrines for deities that allow for skill point returns for a certain price. When the statue is selected, it will go into a prompt like a mundus stone saying "Peoples of the _____ race excel in" and it will display what the specific race attributes are just like it shows on the character creation screen. As for the price, it should operate how the deity shrines do. When skills are changed in a new patch, there is a limited time where characters can reset their skill points for a highly discounted price (1 gold), but after this initial skill reset it costs full price. I was thinking the race shrines could cost 1 gold (or a very low cost of crowns) ONLY after racial skills are altered, and after this one reset, it will cost the same amount as a race change token does.

Again, this is just an idea, and I wanted to know what people think of this in light of the newest announcement of passive changes.

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