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An idea to replace shouts in ES6

TheElderScrolls4 - An idea to replace shouts in ES6

I want to start with stating I am not completely knowledgeable on the lore, but I know a little bit. I also want to say that I don’t like feeling like the chosen one as soon as I start a character. However I feel the absence of being Dragonborn in tes6 creates a void that could be filled with another feature.

I would also like to see more uniqueness between the races, I really like playing the part for the characters I make.

I think it would be cool for each race to have their own abilities that can be improved upon by their own quest line and skill tree. For example:

Nords: Starting with the easy one. Nords should be able to study the voice and follow the path of the ancient nords, and with time be able to shout. The more you use the voice the easier and faster it becomes in the skill tree, but learning new shouts would take place in a quest line.

Redguards: similar to the Nord’s shouting, but with sword singing. Skill tree lets you use it longer and more often; quest line extends your ability and maybe lets you create ethereal armor, sword, and shield(I don’t know if this is lore friendly)

Khajiits: With no special powers, the skill tree improves your ability to attack with your claws and possibly sprint somewhat like the werewolves? The quest line could involve getting special khajiit companions like a senche, that could be also used as a mount; and a alfiq that could provide useful magic on command.


Argonians: The abilities could involve consuming hist sap for different buffs. The quest line could unlock different abilities eventually unlocking things such as invisibility and becoming a hist behemoth. Skill tree would allow you to increase the capability of these powers.

Wood elves: The ability to call upon different wildlife companions, spriggans, and mounts like an elk. Quest line would expand what you can call to your aid and eventually unlock rituals like the wild hunt. Skill tree provides buffs to your buddies.

High elves: Not sure the ability they could have. Maybe, some form of the flesh magic could be learned, from the Ayleids ruins, or expand on their highborn powers.

Orcs: the worship of Malacath could allow you to give praise to the deadra in the quest line, who would then bless you with your ability to berserk and perform rituals by sacrificing people. Eventually berserk would stack and become more powerful the more and faster you killed.

I haven’t come up with anything for imperials or dark elves yet, and I would like the hear everyone’s thoughts.

I’m sorry if this has come up before, or if it is incompatible with the lore. I’ve been cooking up the idea for a little bit now and wanted to share. Thanks for reading!

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