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anyone else create new chars for dumb reasons or is it just me?

TheElderScrolls10 - anyone else create new chars for dumb reasons or is it just me?

Relatively new to ESO, been playing about a month. Thought maybe my "newcomer" perspective could at least be heard for what it's worth. First char was a nord warden. I can't call him a stamden because he was my first and I had no idea what I was doing. Points everywhere, just beer ponging them. If I got killed, i'd throw a point into health if I couldn't outrun a troll- i'd do the next into stamina.. you see the problem. By the time i realized I was twisting myself like a pretzel i was level 20 and not really good at anything.

Now you could say- why don't you just respec your points? And i'd say that I started to hate that Nord's stupid face. So i rolled out a breton magsorc and i like him. Flowing gold hair like Brad Pitt in Legends of the fall, following an Alcast build- pounding out dungeons and delves like a good boy… until I realized my ESO plus let me dye my mage robes. Damnit if the pink didn't look marvelous. Soon after I then thought I looked to tall, then wondered about playing a bow char… sweet Lord..


Needless to say i'm on my 3rd char. And honestly- I feel great about "Sir Tampon the Third" – my wood elf warden. With wood elves already short, i dropped him as low as I could, threw on some amazing red hair and a handle bar mustache and spent 700 crowns on the wedding dress in the crown store. Honest to god i'm about as tall as most players belly buttons (I stood next to many people and compared) and while i'm no DPS or stamina god yet, I'm loving the way my dress flows when i'm running from harpies… The emote "sit #3" is provocative as hell and sitting like a playboy model on top of a busy woodworking table is very satisfying (although I don't get many friend requests)

All this might make me sound bat shit…. but does it? Cause now I have to wait 2 more months for the DLC i was saving my Plus Crowns for, all because I saw a dress that ended up looking amazing on me. Funny thing is- I got no regrets, cause laying like a whore across a busy woodworking table while watching very serious players with equally serious names rush around and grind gives me some deep inner peace.

I'm wantin to know if anyone else has done something similar.. rolling out new chars for head scratching reasons..

(if by chance you happen to be as weird as I am- friend me. Cause I swear one day I am going to create a guild for men wearing dresses. I dream of completing a trial with 12 other men, all in wedding dresses… there's no way anyone could say that wouldn't be dope to see)

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