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Are the Stormcloaks, really racist?

TheElderScrolls12 - Are the Stormcloaks, really racist?

I’ve been thinking this over for a while now. But I’ve come to believe no, but yes. Let me explain: Most of the races on Tamriel are in and of themselves racists too. When you play Morrowind, the first line Ordinators greet you with is calling you scum. And the Dark Elves, (with maybe the exception with Hlaalu) are very nationalist from their isolationist nature, that is until Vvardenfell decided to go Pompeii. Than the refugees than moved to Skyrim and to Windhelm, which may look like a shithole, but mind you it is one, if not the oldest human cities in the continent. And it is lead by a king who not only had to govern it, but also lead a rebellion and then on top of that, deal with dragons. I also think that separating Dark Elves, Nords, and Argonians, was a smart move, not the most comfortable move, but smart. Argonians, Dunmer, and Nords all have very, very bad blood with each other. Dunmer used to enslave Argonians, especially House Dres, Nords used to raid and pillage Morrowind, and vise versa as according to the Jarl of Fullhelm, Unnvald Ironhand. So probably separating them was for the best as it would have caused lots of racial tension, and the last thing sulfuric needs is rioting in Windhelm. It isn’t the prettiest solution, but the others are worse. Another thing is that there was a quote from a Dark Elf that goes something similar to the effect of: “If my kinsmen actually did work and tried to improve the city instead of bitching and complaining, than the king might actually give them his attention” or something like that. Another thing is that Dunmer and Argonians don’t exactly have the best reputation, Some might, but many don’t, and there’s a double standard there, why is it that when people call out Dunmer for being racist or doing bad things we are quick to side step it, but when a Nord shows nationalistic pride in his home it’s “racist”? Of course we all know the actual racists in these games, High Elves. I think I only really know one outstanding High Elf that does sit on a golden thone upon an ivory tower on a horse of high, and it would be Ayrenn. Back to the point. Another thing is that people say General Tullius is such a stand up guy, but then you realize that he often refer to Nordic culture when talking to a Nord, especially Rikke as “you Nords”, not really something you’d expect from a guy that isn’t so raciest. But no, Ulfric is the racist one, even though he really didn’t say anything bad about the Argonians or Dunmer. The reason the Empire is not racist is that it’s natural for Imperials to be cosmopolitan and that their province is situated in the middle of all except for some, provinces of Tamriel. So in conclusion, I don’t think they are racist, at least for for the standard of Tamriel that is.


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