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Arena is one of the best ways to expand a new players early collection while also helping them become better TESL players, as long as they are collecting a few wins during the arena run. Knowing which cards to select and how to build an arena deck can be challenging.

The arena tier list can be a great tool to assist with arena drafting and learning the overall power level of a card. This list will also look to use community input to help provide a better list. The cards are sorted by color and power level. This list can be a great guide to help you decide between a particular selection, but there are other things to keep in mind while drafting:

  • This will be a constant work in progress and will receive numerous updates as the rotation changes and as the community helps shape this list. Please note that I will try to consider all suggested adjustments to this list, but changes will not happen instantaneously.
  • It isn't advisable to base your arena draft solely off of this list. You still need to build a deck with a good curve as well as come up with a strategy (win condition,) look for synergies, as well as have have a plan to remove or neutralize your opponents threats. Choices should ultimately come down to what your deck needs!
  • An * listed next to a card's name indicates that this card could have additional value in a deck that caters to that cards synergies.
  • If there are any issues with the list, please check the comment section before posting. Changes will be easier to make if the comment section is relatively organized. Please discuss suggested changes so I can help get a feel for any changes requested.

Thank you CVH for creating the original formatting for this list and for the encouragement for updating this for the community.

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P.S. – I am looking to get this pinned to the TESL subreddit so it doesn't get lost.

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