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As an PvE player exclusively I actually had some fun with this event…here’s an account of my first day!

TheElderScrolls4 - As an PvE player exclusively I actually had some fun with this's an account of my first day!

So after hearing about the event and realizing it is a mutliplayer event , I decided that I'll go into the PvP portion as I'm a relatively low lvl (CP 220ish) and don't have a fleshed out build or have done the IC dungeons before . At least in PvP when I die it's just me and I'm not ruining anyone else's run because I suck and have no idea what to do . Here are some lessons I've learned on my first few times going in…

*First time I go in , I go for the 12 citizens daily as I hear it's easiest and fastest to do. I'm on top of the tower looking around for what seems like 5 mins and see NO ONE . Finally jump down kill the 2 enemies that are in a pit with 2 citizens . Kill them easy enough and save citizens ! YAY! Some who is cloaked kills me from I have no idea where …DEAD

Lesson learned: Just because you don't see anyone doesn't mean that there isn't anyone there!Got it!

*I wait a bit and go back in …this time there are 3 other players with me of varying levels (all above 50) . Okay!! Strength in numbers is always a good strat!! They look around a bit and jump down: Okay ..LET'S GO!! I follow and we run around a bit killing enemies along the way and I heal/buff as I can and think I get another citizen ,maybe 2, and all is well…"Hey …what's that?" What looks like the entire freaking Daggerfall player base is coming towards us .. "Oh shi…" DEAD.

Lesson learned: Pay attention to the map and who has control of the area!! If that flag isn't at least unter attack you might be in trouble


*Take a couple hour break for food and to get some snacks for later. Come back and now up to 3-4 citizens . Check the map . AD has the area!! Almost the entire IC really. Come up to the tower and hang out a bit. See a large group of AD coming around and think "Yes!! This'll get my citizens to finish the daily" . Jump down as the pass by and do what I did before , heal/buff as I see needed . They don't really need it as it a lot of them but it's good practice as as till whishy washy on healing but learning. I also hang back a bit so I can see every one. I get another 6-7 citizens as I'm up to 10. "WTF just hit me?" I start healing and turn around ..see 2 opposing players attacking and I get jumped . DEAD

Lesson learned: Even hanging back 3 or so meters from a group is a good way to get sniped , ESPECIALLY if they see you're a healer

*Only 2 more citizens to go! Go back in right away. See that the group has engaged the Borg!(Boss) I jump down fast and run over . This time I'm more in the middle doing the healing/buffing/debuffing and some damage as I can. I'm actually feeling useful!! After a but if a battle the boss goes down and is glowing! Im like "Yay! I got something off of him!" not expecting to. I look over my loot for what seems like 4 or 5 seconds…come out of the menu.. "He-hey where did everyone go?" Group has either dispersed or moved on.. "Oh shi-" DEAD

Lesson learned: use take all and look through it later!!

*Finally , just went back in and killed the enemies you can snipe from the tower and got my last 2 citizens..

Lesson learned: Cheap tactics can be useful!

Sorry for the long post , I honestly just felt like typing ! Also , this event was no where near as bad I thought it would be . I had quite a bit of fun running and hiding from the PvPers was nerve wracking of course but exhilarating at the same time!! Especially trying to go through the sewers to get back to base ..whew.. any way ..if you made it this far , thanks for reading!!

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