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Aspects of Past Games You Want to See Brought Back for TES 6

TheElderScrolls2 - Aspects of Past Games You Want to See Brought Back for TES 6

Since we know TES 6 is confirmed in development and it will more than likely be in Hammerfell (and maybe High Rock as well), I was wondering what aspects everyone wants to see return to the series?

I have a bit of a long list, so bare with me.

1.The Return of Attributes

I was not a fan of attributes being removed in Skyrim. It made the game feel watered down in terms of the rpg mechanics (on top of plenty of other things). The attributes themselves mostly just government damage, and stats, but I feel they can go even further. Maybe you can only cast certain spells if your Intelligence is high enough, or wield certain armors and weapons if you have a high enough endurance. Sure, you can argue that these are stopping people from playing how they want, but I feel it rewards those who take the time to invest and grow their character in certain ways. Sure, you will be a god by the end of the game anyway, but for most of the game there should be certain restrictions to keep some playstyles from getting out of hand.

2.Return Race Diversity

This is a big one for me. All the races have been slowly watered down and made rather samey. I understand the idea that plays would want to make an Orc Wizard or Altmer Fighter, but races have very little to no differences between them. Playing an Orc should feel different than playing an Altmer. That choice at the beginning of the game should feel impactful and different. The Beast races in Morrowind (Kajit and Argonians) could not wear boots and certain helmets, but were given a boost of speed to compensate. Not to mention Argonians had immunity to Poison and an extreme resistance to disease as well as boosts in skills that worked well for hit and run tactics (which worked with their lore). In Skyrim, by contrast, Argonians get no armor or weapon skill proficencies, no Poison immunity (they do not even get a resistance to it. It is just completely gone), their disease resistance is lower, and to compensate they get a nice HP regen ability, but it is not strong enough to compensate for all that has been lost. How did these lizards dive back the Daedra and conquer part of Morrowind with no combat racial bonuses? It makes no sense.

I am not saying that certain races should be restricted from certain play styles. Far from it. I think and Orc can be built to be a powerful spell caster, but an Altmer or a Breton should have a much easier time starting out stronger in magic and leveling it up.

3.Return of Classes

This is a bit of an old school argument from me, but classes helped a lot of new players get into the games. Imagine it is your first time ever playing TES and you have no idea what you are doing. Well, here are some class archetypes that will play certain ways. You are not stuck with these classes, but they do encourage you to play a certain way, at least in the early and mid game. If you do not like it, you can always start over with a new character or just start building your old character differently. It will take a long time, but stuff like trainers were around for a reason. Classes just add that extra bit of flavor back into the game, give certain skill a bit of a boost starting out, and encourage new players to try out certain play styles. Older fans already know what they are doing and can just make their own class, but it was always nice having the option of taking a pre existing class and seeing how it plays.

4.Return Weapon and Armor Diversity

Armor and weapon variety has decreased drastically over the years. No more spears, medium armor, throwing weapons, no more short swords, etc. Where did all of these weapons and armors go? Were they as popular as your standard sword and board + heavy armor combo? No, but it allowed players to experiment with interesting combinations and play styles. Spears were great for having a powerful poking weapon and keeping enemies at bay, Medium armor allowed for a nice in-between of Light and Heavy armor, throwing weapons let you feel like a ninja, etc. Will some weapon and armor types be stronger than others? Sure, but reducing variety is not the way to expand player choice and freedom.

5.Return Spell Making and Spell Diversity


Magic was pretty weak in Skyrim. It did not help that spell making was completely removed from the game and you had to enchant your own items. What ever happened to Poison damage? You telling me that we can no longer cast poison spells, but we can lather our weapons with mostly useless poisons? Where is levitate? Levitate added a ton of verticality to the game and you could design dungeons with verticality in mind. What if I do not want to climb a mountain to talk to some old people? What if I want to fly up there like a proper wizard? What if I want to zoom around the map with an augmented speed that would make The Flash jealous? Does it break the game in some ways? Absolutely, but that was always part of the fun of TES. Pushing the boundaries to see how strong you can make yourself. Augmenting your strength to one shot a monster or combining a speed and levitate spell to literally fly to make dragons scared of you, that is the kind of fun we used to have. Does that make magic broken? Sure, but why not let high magic be broken? Would it be any different than letting a high level fighter tank the world or crush a giant's skull like a walnut? Not really.

6.More Factions and Better Factions

Factions are a huge part of the game and we have been getting less and less of them over the years. I do not expect Daggerfall levels of factions. The factions done in that game were rather poor and samey if you ask me. But why is there only one mage faction to join? What if I am a sorcerer, but do not want to join the College? What if I hate the Companions for being Werewolves and want to join the Silver Hand? Where are my options? I honestly feel like there should be 2 or 3 factions per play style. They do not even need some kind of grand questline either. Just odd jobs that make you feel like you are climbing the ranks of a guild. Why not have a standard fighter's guild and have other options to join like a mercenary group that is not afraid to break the law and maybe join a bandit group or a holy order of paladin knights? Joining one group could exclude you from joining another group. Is this restrictive? Absolutely, but it is restrictive in the proper way. It makes your choice matter. You chose to be part of the holy order of whatever, the mercenary faction and bandits want nothing to do with you. Same with mages. Join a group of rogue necromancers? The main college wants nothing to do with you. It encourages multiple play throughs and makes your choices more meaningful. Oh, and bring back ranks. Joining the Companions and becoming a Council member after 2 missions is dumb.

7.Make Uniques more Meaningful

When I got the Mace of Molagbal, I was so happy. It was an interesting quest and I got a wicked looking mace that did some good damage. It was a shame I was able to enchant a generic mace 2 levels later that was just better than the mace of a dark god. I understand that part of that problem is improper scaling in Skyrim (which needs to be fixed too), but enchanting a mace to be stronger than that of a dark god's should be an extremely difficult task. Daedric artifacts and unique weapons/armros were always some of the strongest in the game, but Skyrim watered that down too making most uniques look like generic weapons that were quickly outscaled. When I stumble upon the boots of a legendary hero, I want to feel a powerful accomplishment not: "These are kind of cool, but the stats suck. Guess I will disenchant them.".

These are just some of the major things I want to see changed and I do not want this post to be too long, but one thing I do wish to mention is that the argument: "Just use some mods." does not actually fix the issues with the series. It passes the buck of problems of Bethesda onto the player base. That is unacceptable. We know Bethesda is better than that and the modding community should not be in charge of fixing issues with the TES series.

Anyway, what do you guys think? What stuff do you want to see in TES 6?

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