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Yesterday I beat The Shivering Isles and finished up with the character i had been playing in Oblivion for a little while. I decided to play a high elf mage with the Atronach sign for an interesting game this time around, and I just wanted to share the insight I gained from it in case anyone else was interested in trying it.

So obviously with Atronach sign and because I was an Altmer, I had a ton of magicka. With max intelligence I was at 450. It opens up possibilities for some really powerful destruction magic in particular with spellmaking. You don't want to make a habit of dumping all of your magicka into stuff all of the time since it doesn't regenerate, but it is nice when you really want to kill something fast. I ended up killing Jyggalag in seconds with a 100% weakness to fire spell followed by a 100 damage for 4 seconds fire damage spell, for a total of 800 damage, and it cost about 350 magicka which probably wouldn't have been doable without Atronach. I was also able to use invisibility to waltz through dungeons undetected without stopping and recovering magicka if I wanted because with high illusion it was cheap to cast relative to my total pool.

My main goal at the beginning was to max intelligence so I'd have max magicka asap, and the best way to get that is by doing a ton of alchemy. Making a lot of magicka restore potions is of course important for Atronach anyway so it paid off very nicely. High level restore magicka potions last a long time and are very strong when you need to be spending a lot of magicka during a fight. But Oblivion in particular has lots of ways for you to regain magicka outside of alchemy as well. Ayleid wells dot the landscape and refill your magicka. Divine wayshrines are also all over the wild and their blessings are always absorbed to give you magicka. Same with blessings in city chapels (though this makes curing diseases dependent on alchemy unfortunately). If you can get a sigil stone from an oblivion gate with an absorb magicka enchantment for a weapon then that is very good fortune.


Finally, Atronach's magic absorb makes it easy later in the game to negate magic damage entirely. You get 50% absorb by default, and there is some guaranteed equipment that will get you the rest of the way there; namely, Spelldrinker Amulet from the Mage's guild questline and Mankar Camoran's robes from the main quest. You have to be level 25+ or so to get the versions of them with the most absorb. But this makes an Altmer Atronach mage especially enticing because it makes the high elf magic weakness irrelevant.

If you're thinking about doing a playthrough as an Atronach mage, I do recommend it. It is an interesting obstacle at first, but if you put some work into it it becomes a powerful asset later. Because of the things I mentioned above about the sources of magicka and strong magic absorb equipment, I think this is significantly easier in the long run in Oblivion than it would be in Morrowind, so maybe consider doing it in that game if you want a real challenge. But it was still fun nonetheless

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