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August 21, when mahyem happened

TheElderScrolls2 - August 21, when mahyem happened

Long story short for people who don’t know what happened yesterday: all of sudden, almost every single Xbox player found thousands of crowns on their accounts. For example I got 45K, and I’ve heard about some folks getting up to 300K. Okay, this looked suspicious from the very beginning, but a lot of people, including myself, genuinely thought this was kinda a rebate for ESO+ subscribers, because guess what? afaik only people with an active ESO+ subscription got this insane amount of crowns. Okay again, we might’ve been naive in thinking so, but, since the majority of people in trusted and well-established guilds said so, we spent these crowns. Shouldn’t we have done this? Probably. A fellow guildmate, who is a lawyer, told me that, if you mistakenly get some money on your bank account and then spend it, once you discover it was an accident you gotta return it. If you ask me, that’s not right because if somebody makes a mistake, that’s their fault if they messed things up, but, as Romans used to say, “Dura lex, sed lex” (laws harsh, but laws”). So I accept it, even tho I disagree. We bought things with those crowns? We shouldn’t have done so? Fair, we’ll return everything. ZOS can take those things from our inventories and collections and send a message saying it all was an accident.

What they are actually saying, however, sounds troubling. They’re BLAMING us for spending the crowns, threatening us speaking about “TOS actioning”. In this tweet they called the whole thing “an exploit”, which is completely bogus. An exploit occurs when you take advantage of a game’s glitch in order to cheat. For example: if there was a glitch that allowed people to skip vMA altogether and get perfected weapons with the right traits, THAT would be an exploit. But if I find something in my inventory and spend it, that’s not the case. It’s a mistake, a misunderstanding, call it whatever you want, but not an exploit. Zero chances, people genuinely thought that was an intended thing and weren’t willing to cheat.


Things escalated even more with this post on the ESO forum. What’s wrong with this? Form. I’d have accepted this kind of statement: “We are aware that players got massive amounts of crowns on their accounts and mistakenly spended them. Since this wasn’t intended, we are restoring the server’s status quo ante the accident, meaning we are taking any object players got by purchasing using the said crowns out of their inventories/collections. We apologize for what happened and we’ll make it sure it won’t happen ever again”.

This would’ve been the only right thing ZOS could’ve said about this whole thing. Instead, they’re threatening to take action AGAINST the players, implying they cheated. No, players haven’t cheated. Players have mistakenly spent crowns thinking it was something intended by ZOS itself. To clarify things, the only way to solve the issue is to revert the server and bring those crowns back. I still would be quite upset, because no matter what happened, they got hacked, they messed something up or whatever, it’s their fault if this accident has occurred. But I can accept, as I said before, the fact that laws sometimes may not be “logical”. So, okay, bring back every single item I purchased with those crowns, I won’t complain and rant about it. But if you say you’re gonna take action against the players, you gotta be kidding me.

If you ban the entire Xbox player base (because yeah, almost EVERY player got these crowns), well, enjoy your empty servers, perhaps this might be the way to solve another way more urgent issue: LAG.

If they actually ban me, even temporarily, I’m done with this game. I’ve been spending literally tons of real money for this game, and for an accident you want to ban me? That’s not just unfair, that’s also disgusting and perhaps even hypocritical.

If they, again I repeat myself, actually drop the banhammer on our heads, well, farewell ESO. The only thing to blame is YOUR incompetence and, I can guess, lack of security measures. We just made a mistake and are ready to acknowledge it, returning stuff we purchased. But if you punish us due to the said incompetence, well, that’s really the swan song of a company that has awfully developed and managed a game that, if well developed, has limitless potential.

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