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Bad experience with support and other game systems – is this the norm?

TheElderScrolls1 - Bad experience with support and other game systems - is this the norm?

I started playing the game about 2 weeks ago, and I've really been enjoying it so far. Mostly been doing the zone questlines and taking in the sights. I subscribed to ESO plus with some Steam credits I had left from an unrelated refund, but after my experience I'm starting to wonder if my money was well spent.

First off, there seems to be some ridiculous server-side issue that causes input lag and random times (usually during peak, never noticed it outside). I'm a veteran of many MMO's so this is hardly my first rodeo with connection issues, I know pretty well how to troubleshoot the issues. Attacks or button presses will just refuse to register at completely random times. Maybe it's something related to my personal internet connection, or busy servers around the new expansion launch, but I can definitely see it being the reason I abandon the game a month down the line.

My second issue occurred when I was unable to progress the main quest past chapter 3.5 – I did some research to figure out what the next quest was supposed to be and what triggered it, only to discover some threads nearly two months old about it being bugged. There was however a report of it being 'fixed', so I thought there would be something ZOS could do to help me out.

I log a ticket via the in-game interface, only for it to disappear into the void. Wondering if it was indeed logged, I spend some time trying to locate the support portal, only to discover that I cannot log in. Not because of an incorrect username or password, no – but because the login button literally does not work on Google Chrome on two different machines. So figuring it was maybe browser related, I fire up MS Edge and what do you know, the button is now actually clickable. I tried the standard plugin/cache clearing shennanigans, so it wasn't that either, mind you.

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Only apparently I'm logging in from a different IP, so I need an access code. No problem. Only 10 minutes later it becomes a problem, as I still haven't received the code. Refreshing my mailbox on three different devices (and internet connections) doesn't seem to help, so I request another code. Repeat. Half an hour later I get three different codes at once, but at least I can log in now.

I find the ticket I logged awaiting response, no issues on that front. About a day later I receive a response, and I try and login to the support portal again. Yet apparently I'm on a different IP again ( I wasn't), and I need code to login again. Repeat the frustratingly long wait for the mail with the code to arrive. I did do some experiments with other providers just to make sure it isn't my mail or net acting up, but it isn't.

The automated response, while disappointing, is not unexpected

We are aware of an issue where players on the PC/Mac platform are unable to progress the main storyline past Castle of the Worm if they have completed the Elsweyr teaser quest. We are expecting a fix in an upcoming patch.

You mean to tell me, that they've been aware of some players unable to progress the game's main questline for about two months now, and it still hasn't been fixed!?

Anyway, rant over. Am I just having an unlucky experience, or is this the norm around here?

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