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Basics to doing OK levels of dps in Pve

TheElderScrolls11 - Basics to doing OK levels of dps in Pve

So I have recently help a few friends and guild members to boost their damage and found a few common factors I needed to repeat to all, and thought I will post these on here.

1) Damage over time is your friend. Without using light attacks you can do decent damage just by having a few different damage over time effects active. As long as the ability says "x damage over y seconds" or "x damage every y seconds" it will work.

2) ground based Aoe skills feels weird, yes. But they are very strong dps wise. Even if you only get the enemy in the Aoe for half the duration.

3) Make sure your gear is the same level as your toon, and that you are running at least 2 dps sets that work with your character type. This does not have to be the BiS or what guides tell you to use, there is plenty of other, dirt cheap, sets you can use as well. For example : Mad Tinker for Magicka and Unfathomable Darkness for stamina is great, just not BiS.

4) improve weapons before armor. Getting the right weapon trait, or improving the quality of weapons has a bigger dps impact than fixing your belt to divines (for instance)

5) light attack weaving. (big impact on Magicka toons and nightblades). Don't rush the weave, what I see happening is the light attack doesn't work because the previous ability animation is still playing and then they go straight into the next one.


6) do some practice on a target dummy. This is to get used to the feel of abilities that you use and when you should use your damage over time effects again.

7) if you are unsure if you should let a Dot run out or re-apply it early, rather let it run out. There is fewer abilities which gives you a bonus for not letting it run out than those that penalize you for having them run out.

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8) take it slow. Then speed up as you grow used to the class. By trying to rush the combat system you get more worked up and more likely to make a mistake.

9) have a spamable ability. This is an ability that has a low cost and does only once-off damage. When ever you have no duration ability to re-use, use this instead.

Also, unless you want to do major endgame content you can make do with 20k-25k dps. Having more is useful, but not required. Just by following the above pointers you should be able to get to 15-20k dps even with marshmallow fingers. And with some practice you should be able to get up to 30k without the vMA weapons.

Source: some guy with all 5 stamina and magicka dps classes on live (no necro yet) and 300ms latency that can do 30k self buffed dps on a 6mil dummy with any of those 10. (the ones I have practiced more on or have vMA gear for can do much more)

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