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Battlegrounds must haves?

TheElderScrolls13 - Battlegrounds must haves?

Interested to get peoples thoughts on what they consider must haves in battlegrounds. I’m a fairly new player at cp600. I play mainly for BGs because I love PvP and the rest of my time is spent sorting characters out for BGs

My main is a nightblade which is bow and 2h buff bar which is built for pure dot damage in BGs with sloads, sheer venom and skoria. It survives by stealthing, dodging and legging it.

Now that I’m doing builds for warden, templar and sorcerer I’m having to think a lot more about survival. Stats listed will be rough with CP included

My Warden runs Necropotence, Fortified Brass and Earthgore, tri stat enchant with impen all round, standard jewellery, apprentice mundus. Ice front bar Resto rear bar. It’s really fun to play especially when I get a melee group working together, I can keep everyone alive and buffed while kicking out a bit of area damage. Can’t help but want a bit more damage though which is why I might change jewellery enchants and traits away from regen. It seems tanky enough with 30-32k resists but spell damage of 2.1k seems low and 2k Magicka Regen. I’m pretty happy with how this performs


My Templar is quite new and runs Spriggan, Ravagers and Blood spawn. 5 medium, 2 heavy. Stamina enchants and impen all round. Dagger/Axe (nirn/infused) 2h (nirn). It has Stamina Regen/weapon damage enchants on the jewellery. I’m about to change traits to resistances because I seem to get dropped too easily, after the change it should put me at 27-28k buffed which with blood spawn on top I’m hoping to be good enough. It’s at 4K weapon damage so I think that’s pretty good. I’ve had some good games with it but I’ve also got wrecked which is why I want more resists.

This has gone on a bit too long so I won’t go into skills too much but I think I’ve got those tweaked nicely for attacks, buffs and heals with some more tweaking needed on templar.

What got me thinking is I’ll get 5500 resists from the jewellery traits and that seems like really good value considering the other stats I could get. It made me think maybe I should have gone heavy armour, not used brass and got the resistances on jewellery then I’d be even tankier and could’ve got the light armour passive benefits from a set

Am I just shuffling stats around or are there areas where you can get better value for specific stats rather than others?

Where do you start with a build and how do you decide to tweak? Are there certain levels of stats you absolutely must get?

I’m thinking my tweaking is going to be expensive!

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