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Becoming a Crafter with Less Pain

TheElderScrolls9 - Becoming a Crafter with Less Pain

Advice from a Grand Master Crafter (a response I made to someone asking about becoming a crafter)

My suggestion is pick an Imperial because they get the Imperial motif for free and that one costs 100 times as much as the other 9, or more. In the end it doesn’t matter, my Crafter is a Breton. Race changing a toon to Imperial won’t get you the Racial Motif, I’ve tried, you keep the old one.

Research everything evenly across all crafts, don’t focus on just one or two lines. Research without paying in the Crown Store can take 6-12 months depending on your dedication, it’s slow. Do this all on one toon, there are more than enough skill points by a long shot.

What you don’t want to have in 6 months is someone asking you to make Julianos, which is a popular magicka set that requires 6 traits, and you’re 5 trait in everything except Shields and Heavy which you’re 9 trait in because that’s what you use and that’s most important. Crafters craft for other people a lot more than themselves. Hundings and Julianos mostly.

Gear Crafting Lines: Make sure to get the points in research as soon as possible so you can research 3 items at a time in Woodworking, Clothing, and Blacksmithing. Sell all your other trash gear until you get to CP 160. Once you get to 160, if you’re not already there, decon everything so you can shoot up to lvl 50 in the gear crafts.


Jewelry: Jewelry is just crap. It’s slow to level. It’s expensive if you wanna do it quickly. And unlike the other gear lines you can only ever research one trait at a time.

Enchanting: Get someone who is Master Enchanter, send them all your purple/blue and 160 runes. Have them make the glyphs and trade them back to you. You decon those glyphs and get a lot of xp. You can’t do this on your crafter for your crafter but once you have a Master Enchanter you can do it for another toon. You can max Enchanting in under an hour like this.

Alchemy: Have lots of ingredients, craft potions and each time you level up put more points into the line so you can make more powerful potions. The biggest XP jumps come from discovering new traits so while you’re making good potions also use a guide to make all the matches OR when you select the ingredients if it says Unknown at the bottom it means they share at least one trait. This can actually be done faster than Enchanting if you have the skill points to make higher level potions as you go.

Provisioning: Provisioning is super easy. Similar to alchemy but you don’t even need to do high level recipes. Spam the crap out of recipes that you have a lot of ingredients for. This is the fastest and cheapest consumable to level.

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