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Been on a nostalgia binge lately and have been playing oblivion

TheElderScrolls1 - Been on a nostalgia binge lately and have been playing oblivion

I honestly appreciate and enjoy the game even more now.

Looking past the ugly NPC's and sorta clunky combat (its a 14 year old game at this point it obviously is gonna be less smooth lol) it's been just so much fun.

I forgot how well made the main quest lines were.

The thieves guild quests actually made me feel like a thief. In skyrim It felt more like you were supposed to be an assasin disguised as a thief. A lot of the quests were based on killing shit.

In oblivion you could complete the entire thieves guild quest line without killing a single NPC. Plus the ultimate heist was stealing a literal elder scroll from the white gold palace and then getting the grey cowl. The grey cowl was awesome because you could not wear it in public or you'd be chased. So if you wanted to continue thieving while wearing it, you were forced to stick to the shadows. Skyrim you couod just wear the nightingale armor and no one would really even give a shit.

The mages guild is amazing. The college of winter hold is a MAJOR letdown compared to the mages guild of oblivion. Getting recommendations from each guild hall felt rewarding because reaching the arcane university is literally game changing.


I get magic wasnt well respected in skyrim so they had to be sent to the college if winterhold, but the quests lacked any real depth. You coukd complete the college of winter hold questing in a few hours. Ive been doing the mages guuld quest line for almost 2 days now and am just now getting to the end. Its just so much more rewarding. Plus once you get the the university, you have access to incredibly powerful spells and you can enchant items and make your own spells, so it is neyind worth it. In skyrim most court sorcerers could give you equal level spells as the college.

Next up I'm making an assassin character to do the brotherhood, a warrior for the fighters guild, and then a basic knight for the main quest. But si far the depth of the faction quest lines are just soo much more intricate than skyrim.

This isn't a knock against skyrim either. I fucking love that game, but whereas skyrim put more effort and polish on a lot of things, oblivion put more thought into quest and storyline.

I even love the many zany and silly side quests in oblivion. There are so many fun quests that just feel super unique. Like that one with that guy in bravil getting trapped in his own dream you have to rescue him from? Or the guy who got lost in his own painting that you had to free him from? Just so many outlandish questlines that felt kind of missing from skyrim.

It's just been so enjoyable playing it again

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