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Been playing for about a month. Here’s my rambles on my experience so far.

TheElderScrolls11 - Been playing for about a month. Here's my rambles on my experience so far.

Been about a month, as the title states and so far I'm loving the game far more then I thought I would. Intending to only pick this up to play with my father and brother I've been playing it on my own far more. Hit 160cp the other day as well. That being said I'd like to put down some of my experiences so far. Starting with the bad.

Getting booted from a dungeon before I turn in the quest due to the party bailing: this has been one of my larger complaints though it's only happened twice. It's still annoying and a bit of a worry when I step into a new one. I do let the party know and most of the time they're considerate.

Trait and mount "research" times: these are a bit of a sticking point for me. I am eso+ and my main guy I dumped points into his crafting but having to wait around a year to max out my researches and a 179 days for a max mount is…eh to me. I enjoy the crafting system and how easy it is to make gear though the top tier sets will elude me for a while. The rapid maneuvers helps with the mount a bit at least. Max mount stats still a long ways off and I'll have to do it for every character. Which is well. Daunting especially if I make an alt down the line.

PvP: Its just bit confusing to me and feels like a massive barrier for entry for me. I went into cyrodiil with a set crafted for pvp and still got my teeth kicked in every encounter even with the pre 50 kyne. Makes me want to give up on trying to get caltrops. But I've never been really big on pvp in any game so I'm probably biased.


That's about most of the standout things I dislike from the game. I have a few minor gripes but nothing really worth going into detail "fake" tanks and whatnot. Now as for the good

The combat: I'm really really REALLY digging the combat. Especially after I made an actual dps instead of a crafter haha. But I've never had good experiences with non tab target MMOs but this one I really enjoy. I like being able to pick what weapon to bring into combat as well as how each class is just a different flavor of combat but they can all do all roles.

The visuals: I really love how this game looks and handles distant objects. At least on my computer tungs that look far off look amazing as well as all the other small details in the game. All the locales are distinct, the game is just gorgeous.

The questing experience: this actually kinda surprised me. Normally I have a video or stream going in the background while I quest. But more often then not I find myself pausing it so I can hear the stuff going on in the game. (At least the voice work. The music at least to me is eh) but I'l find myself really immersed in the game.

But yeah that's about it. I do really enjoy this game and am planning to keep playing it for good while more. (Now if only zos would stop looking at my purchases and putting them up for sale the day after! Gaaah)

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