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Before hitting lvl Cap in Eso and the problems in pvp(1v1)

TheElderScrolls15 - Before hitting lvl Cap in Eso and the problems in pvp(1v1)

Hey guys

first of all my Englisch gramma is pretty bad im sorry for that, i couldnt hold my self i need to talk about that, pvp in eso me and a friend startet over 2month now me Dk Stamina- he Zerg we reached pretty quick lvl 50 we looked up guides we did alot of pve dounges evrything was great found a guild was fun right so after 300lvl we thought okey we got some idea how the game "works" we wanted to start pvp so we traint you can say mostly pvp or battleground and i notice i died pretty fast like really fast, tought okey i do something wrong play obv bad i lost evry 1v1 agains my friend he bursted me down like i was nothing, after 1week i watched some yt vids like how to play dk stamina what to go eq try to learn. I did all the stuff and still i was nothing felt like paper died so fast. and i watched him play zerg like and thought shit he has more dps then me can heal can shield has escape has cc like i felt so usseles, and we talked about that alot i read some post and most people say i need to hit cp cap before i can do shit in pvp and without cp dk stamina is bad really bad.


Sorry again guys im from germany and my englisch is pretty bad i know thanks for taking your time trying reading all this Eso is a great game but pvp feels so unbalanced to me..

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