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I wanted to discuss Birthsigns and how they stack up against each other. It's because some might really be useless than others. In the alphabetical order:


Apprentice: It is a nice enough Sign that I feel is balanced just right, it's just…don't ever take it on Altmer, huh? It is kinda a precarious choice, especially given how safe Mage is and how it's not difficult to work around Attronach. Maybe if it also gave +15 Int or something?

Attronach: It's actually more useful for Warriors and other tanky builds than it is for Mages, but oh well! It's also superbly busted given how easy it is to work around it. Shrines, Potions etc etc. It is quite Overpowered.

Lady: A very useful Birthsign for a variety of builds. If you don't know what to pick, pick either a corresponding Guardian Sign(Warrior et al) or the Lady, you can't wrong with either. I don't have anything else to say, it's a nicely balanced utility sign.

Lord: I really think the spells that the Signs give you should be free. Otherwise, turn the Regen into a Constant Effect. It'd be powerful, yes, but you also have a BIG drawback.

Lover: Yes, it is a very powerful, yet very costly ability. I actually believe it'd be OP if it were a spell(as opposed to power). What do you think? Currently, it's very nicely tuned for what it is.

Mage: Boring, especially when compared to either Apprentice OR Attronach, but it is your "safe choice". In that context it probably makes sense, but it is, even then, underwhelming.

Ritual: One of those "useless" signs. Turn Undead is nice and all, but there just won't be so much Undead that you practically need to turn yourself into a Priest of Lathander and the Power is very, very underwhelming(100pt Heal ONCE a day?). maybe if Turns scared Daedra as well or if they could DESTROY Undead(like they can in D&D). I don't know, it feels and is horrible.


Serpent: I don't know. It's a nice idea, but given the description, maybe it should also give +15 Luck or something? And, yes, I know this is made more to showcase the general breadth of Morrowind's system, but…a Mage can create such a spell for under 1000 Septims! Though I also realize it is more for Thieves and Warriors, but even then…meh.

Shadow: It's SO CLOSE to being one of the BEST and most FUN Signs there is! Currently it's quite useless, but a simple change(which is perfectly in tune with lore) would be to change Moonshadow from "POWER" type to "SPELL" type. Go, Striking Scorpion, go go go! <3

Steed – yet another nice, useful general pick in lieu of "Lady". I'd just argue that a better form of Steed would give you a constant Feather effect as opposed to a constant Fortify Speed. The same result, just with more benefits on Feather's side. Horses being, quite often, beasts of burden fit the Feather form quite nicely too.

Thief – yet another Guardian Signs, but this one has a NICE effect(10pts Sanctuary!) that EVERYONE can make use of. One of better Signs.

Tower – it is nice for sniffing around, but I fully believe that, perhaps, current Spell should just be a constant effect ability and current Power should become a Spell. Then it'd be at least somewhat useful.

Warrior – it is a very useful Guardian Sign for everyone that wants to use physical attack skills, much less sexy for everyone else. But it's overall nice.


What do you think?

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