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bones’ word wall – wishlist edition

TheElderScrolls11 - bones' word wall - wishlist edition


so i think that with the very last patch we can (most of us at least) agree that Sparkypants has been working incredibly hard to make the game, i'm personally probably the happiest with the state the client is in and the possible future that the game has in front of it! Well done!

With that said, such is the charm of being a game dev, especially an online game – things gotta change, update, etc. And while I'm far from someone experienced with how hard these things are to implement, i figured just having a general list of very welcome additions wouldn't hurt right? Starting with what I consider to be the most vital changes to the least important ones.

Double-time speed:

  • Every draw during the turn

  • Black Hand Messenger/Relentless Raider/etc. dagger

  • Gaining Ward

  • Piercing Javelin (in that i'd reduce the delay between the Javelin coming out and the hit)

  • Cruel Firebloom (and the like)

  • some of the elixirs, mostly stat buffing ones


  • Fifth Legion Trainer/Bruma Armorer buffs – currently it's about 2 seconds per buff. And it's all separate. 2 FLTs on board and summoning, idk, Scouting Patrol eats up a plenty.

  • Bruma/Necromancer's Amulet/just a lot of fast heals – a good start would be how it used to be in old client – clarity is saved and it takes little to no time.

  • Adding cards to the deck with Therana/Ungolim/Galyn

  • Bone Colossus/Wild Beastcaller/etc summons – i think it's perfectly fine to have them appear on the board similarly to how General Tullius' tokens behave. In case of skeletons though, a small overlapping in them summoning would be real useful.

Okay, so that's actually all for gameplay in reality I think. There's a gigantic difference between 2,5 months ago and now. You've outdone yourselves in my opinion on that!

Some other slightly more important (and probably easy to implement, idk tho) things:

  • Similarly to how Legends-Decks work, right-clicking a card in your deck should add a copy, if applicable, and pop out a "you have a maximum amount of that card in your deck" window or something.

  • Option to delete, copy or export a deck in the deck's menu/window. We used to have this waaaay back in the old client and to this day i have no idea why it was taken away. It was the first case of a feature being taken away to implement another feature.

  • the obvious gauntlets, tournament mode, chaos arena and the like – besides TESL stream on fridays there's not much special content that we have to look forward to on a weekly basis. Your patches' timing makes it significantly easier to live through these times, but that doesn't change the fact that there are still people discouraged to return because of day 1 stuff (hi morphlingX) and more familiar initiatives could go a long way.

  • In deck export/import, alt arts aren't considered as a possible card to add when it needs it. For example, copying someone's deck with lightning bolts would show my deck's incomplete, despite me having alternate alt lightning bolts in collection. Minor issue, nowhere near as frustrating as Morkul, but i thought i'd point it out.

  • I swear card text box works differently on prophecies. Green Pact Ambusher for example has her text pop out of the text box when you get her as a prophecy (and I assume stuff like Scout's Report does the same to cards, for example)

  • Having an option to see the deck of the person you're spectating would be pretty sweet

Feel free to add your own "must-fixes" or smaller appropriations in replies, i just felt like specifying what's the most pressing stuff from my point of view. Let's move to the stuff i'd love to see further down the line, eventually.

  • Reworked premiums – yeah this has all been mentioned, but the problem with that is that, for the most part, it's really hard to agree on which premiums could've used a rework. We could make a list similar to the "the voicelines that need to go" one, where we list cards that could use an update to premiums. Some premier candidates are definitely Ayrenn, High King Emeric, Crassius' Favor (overall all of the "here's a light reflection going from top to bottom), Bruma Profiteer, Fifth Legion Trainer (and, again, overall majority of the premiums with a random part of the card having a glow effect around it).

  • I don't think it's just me but… could we get some more expanding on already introduced effects? I can't fathom how much stuff needs to be checked for every card even at this very point, with some cards having unique properties (Black Dragon, post-slay Jiub, etc.) and there are mechanics that barely have any cards in them that would love to be more experimented with (Treasure Hunt, Beast Form, Assemble, the Morrowind Stuff) even if it meant making a card that uses such mechanic that fits in your average midrange deck or something. Direwolf used these new mechanics like toys – every patch we got some new mechanics that never got any significant updates since their introduction and the exalt balance changes tell me we could expect more of all that, but still wanted to bring this up.

  • On the same token, I'd love to see more cards that actually use things that make TESL… well, TESL. Runes currently are only used for card draw/prophecies, but i've yet to see cards that use them as actual resources. Wilds Incarnate is probably the first card that looks like it's designed with Legends in mind, specifically, so that's a step in the right direction, but… i guess what i'm saying is if we were to have new mechanics, i'd love for them to be introduced in a way that no other card game could benefit from? There is… i think Flanking Lane condition that really nicely plays into the lane system too.

  • We're reaching the point where we could start thinking about TESL twitch overlays/more interactive drops, since Direwolf figured it's better if their game does that first.

all in all it's merely my wishlist, idk how much out of all that i'll see in following years, but i'm hopeful Santa Deckard delivers some of that to the hard working elves at SparkyPants!

now excuse me it's 2 AM and i'm fighting with a cold so uh bye i guess

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