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Bought the game can not log in to the game and Support do not manage to comunicate very well about it

TheElderScrolls3 - Bought the game can not log in to the game and Support do not manage to comunicate very well about it

First sorry for long post. At this point i am very frustrated and have no clue what to do. I hope there is someone here who maybe had the same issue and can tell me how to solve it. I been talking to Support back and forth but for some reason it is like talking to a wall even though i done nothing wrong, i own the game and wanted to play it and nothing from my side is causing the issue.

Ok so a while back there was a try out ESO for free over the weekend or maby even a week i can not remember. I created a account and played for an hour or two and then my main game GW2 got me occupied and i forgot about it until the Halloween sale on Steam. I though what the hell i buy it and see if i like it and then i can play it on and off and so i did.

A little over a week back i downloaded it via steam and logged in. But i hit a wall. I made the log in through the client in to the game and then i got a message saying This account is not linked with Steam. Consider i have only one ESO account the one i made to the f2p try out there is no other account i could be linked with. I now had two option. I could either log out and try again and end up in a loop. there was nothing else i could do, no by pass to log in to the game.

I logged in to my ESO account which say i used it for that free week purpose and also that i have added the game i bought to the account and it also say it is linked to Steam.

I contact support who say it is steams fault. So i contact steam who say it is ESO's fault and that there is nothing they can do about it since they don't have any access to my ESO account. Steam also tells me i could try one of my other steam accounts that i have and so i did. I logged in to that Steam account and now the link works but now the game say there is an error and i can not log in.

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I sent the dialouge between me and ESO to steams and me and Steam to ESO. ESO support tell me they understand that iti s frustrating but there is nothing they can do. So i ask for them to move the ticket up to someone who can and this is were i am now.

I am not new to the game world nor mmo's in genral, i am also very old and do not loose my temper when writing support tickets. I am trying to give the info they ask for in any way i can and i am very polite. I been working with games my self for a longer while in my previous life so i know that things sometimes can clog up in the system and get complicated and i need to be patient.

So what do i do? I mean i just want to play the game. That is the only thing i ever wanted. And i bought it for that purpose. and now i am being punnished for reasons i can not understand nor can i see how they can not solve it at all. There must be numerous of ways to bypass it by unlink from steam and let me re link again. Remove my game account i used for this purpose and make a new one, anything that make it possbile to play. I mean i am not asking for them to take down the moon.

Ok this became long, and yes i am frustrated and i seee that it shines through. So anyone who had this issue when they started? If so were you able to solve it and if so how and who do i need to contact to make that happen except for ESO support? Any info that could help me out or suggestions i can make is appreciated.

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