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Bring Back Goblin Skulk!

TheElderScrolls2 - Bring Back Goblin Skulk!


I don’t think you understand the ramifications of this change at all, honestly I think you’ve seen all of the complaints about Telvanni and Cruel Firebloom and had a rush of blood to the head. Almost every agility based aggro, midrange and combo deck depends on Goblin Skulk (Market Archer,Goblins, Action Assassin to name a few). These were some of my favourite decks ad the reason I play this game, now you’ve taken it away. You clearly don’t know the difference between a problematic card and a good card, Goblin Skulk is simply a good, valuable card. Drawing 0 cost cards is not overpowered whatsoever and is an essential piece to the strategy of most agility decks (think curse – leaflurker, the foundation of any agility deck). Furthermore, plentiful answers to a turn 1/2 Goblin Skulk already exist in this game ie. execute, fire bolt, 2 cost guard (barrow stalker). If after these you still think Skulk is a problem then why don’t you just introduce more counters in upcoming expansions. The only deck that is unaffected by this change is Telvanni. Cruel firebloom can easily be run without Skulk in a control deck which has enough time. I demand that this change be reconsidered or you can refund my personal account 1500 gold for buying the madhouse collection to gain Swindlers Market, 1200 gems for any legendary of play set of epics which require Skulk in their strategy (Leaflurker, Swims at night etc.). If you continue to make ‘balance’ changes like this, then I fear the future of legends is going to be full of boring card design.

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