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With the influx of new players, there is a larger than typical demand for budget decks. I thought this would be a great opportunity for a good deckbuilder to go through some of the more popular ladder decks and make budget versions of them. Unfortunately, I am not a good deckbuilder. So instead I thought I would bring my skills as someone who is adept at searching legends-decks to help. Here is a list that new players might want to peruse for ideas:

Some pointers on using legends-decks to find budget lists:

  • Don't check "Filter with my collection." It might seem like a great idea, but 9 times out of 10 it's better to leave it off. There might be an amazing deck that you have every card for except a single unique legendary. Or a few cards from a story expansion you haven't unlocked yet.
  • Filter by time (specifically, last 2 months), but not by patch. Leaving the time filter at the default of 2 weeks excludes lots of decks that are still totally viable on the ladder. Similarly, filtering by the current patch will exclude decks from the previous patch that are also totally viable on the ladder. If you don't find anything you like this way, try filtering by all time but most recent patch. The time filter applies to when the deck was created, not when it was most recently modified, and sometimes deckbuilders will update older decks for the current patch. This combo will catch those instances.
  • Look at the Cost and Missing columns, but don't rule out decks just because those numbers are high. You can't filter by those columns, but you can sort on them. Obviously, cheaper decks are more budget friendly. But in most instances you can substitute for missing legendary and epic cards.
  • Search for "budget" in the main search box. Folks are pretty good about including that term in the deck name when appropriate.
  • Know what can be substituted and what can't. This is deeper than I have time to go into, but there are some widely used epics and legendaries that can be substituted pretty easily. Unique legendaries can almost always be substituted, since it's hard to build a good deck that requires drawing a specific card out of 50 or 75. That being said, be wary of decks tagged as combo, since there are a few combo decks built around specific legendaries. For non-unique legendaries, lots of powerful ones can be substituted while keeping the deck viable (Daggerfall Mage, Blood Dragon, Kyreeve Champion is one folks are experimenting with at the moment). But some have unique effects and you are better off avoiding decks that contain them — Odirniran Necromancer is the main one that comes to mind, but there are others like Rebellion General, and the current iterations of Faded Wraith and Bloody Hand Chef decks are looking to abuse those cards in particular so substitutions would be pointless. Alfiq Conjurer is one you are likely to see in lots of decks that can be substituted but is also very powerful so doesn't really have a similar-but-weaker replacement.

Also, if any of you talented deckbuilders want to go make budget versions of strong decks, I suspect lots of folks will be grateful.

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