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Building on the Invade Mechanic – An Oblivion Portal Rework

TheElderScrolls5 - Building on the Invade Mechanic - An Oblivion Portal Rework

As a concept, the idea of building up huge Oblivion Portals and overwhelming your opponent with Daedra is awesome and a great theme to build an expansion around. However, for me (and I think some of you) something feels off with their current implementation. The random keyword generation feels like a very lackluster reward for building a deck around, and can cause frustrating scenarios for you and your opponent depending on the abilities rolled. Here, I’ve reworked the Portal mechanic in an attempt to make them feel more interesting and rewarding to play with and against.

Oblivion Portal
Permanently Shackled; Immune to Silence

Level 1: 0/2 / Friendly Daedra have +0/+1.
Level 2: 0/4 / Friendly Daedra have +1/+1.
Level 3: 0/6 / Friendly Daedra have +1/+1 and cost 1 less.
Level 4: 0/8 / Friendly Daedra have +1/+1 and cost 1 less. At the end of your turn, add a 1/1 Scamp to your hand.
Level 5: 0/10 / Friendly Daedra have +1/+1 and cost 1 less. At the end of your turn, add a 1/1 Scamp to your hand and draw a card.

Activating Invade will level up the highest level Gate on your board. If all friendly gates are level 5, a new gate will spawn.

  • Lower levels remain the same and reward faster, swarming decks that Invade very quickly.
  • Higher levels changed to reward slower decks that protect the gates through resource generation.
  • Health reduced at each level, but maximum level easier to achieve to allow for dynamic board states and reduced ‘run-away’ games where only a giant single portal is needed to overwhelm the opponent.
  • Additionally, +x/+x being an aura rather than a direct buff allows for more counter play in breaking apart Daedra boards by targeting portals.
  • No random keywords to limit ‘Feel Bad’ scenarios.
  • Multiple gates allows Invade to recover quicker rather than a single removal card resetting Invade decks to Level 1.
  • Additionally, multiple portals allows for multiple buffs to stack, mimicking the role of the current random keywords.
  • Level 4/5 gates allow for more flexibility in deckbuilding, as there is less pressure to just stack your deck with as many Daedras as possible to reap the benefits.
  • Additionally, Level 4/5 helps alleviate some of the card draw issues Invade decks have with requiring such a large core package.
  • Being able to spawn multiple portals and for those portals to spawn creatures feels more thematically appropriate.

As with all concepts like this, this is just for a bit of fun. This is my take on the Invade mechanic and how I would like to see it function, but of course there’s no way for me to test whether its balanced or not. Some cards would probably have to get changed to accommodate something like this. I don’t know. I threw this together in an hour. I just felt like posting this, maybe they’ll be some interesting discussion out of it.

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