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#BunnsForEso – Grand Finale announcement & recap of the previous event. It’s scavenger hunt time! [EU]

TheElderScrolls8 - #BunnsForEso - Grand Finale announcement & recap of the previous event. It's scavenger hunt time!  [EU]

Hello everyone!

The time has finally come for the Grand Finale, the final event of #BunnsForEso's March For Bunnies. Before we get into that, however, let us take a brief look back at what transpired last time we met, last Sunday, when the Great Carrotening took place.

Many people came and joined up, several dressed as giant carrots, handing out carrots and spreading the joy and news of our efforts to bring bunnies to ESO.
UdpQqvG - #BunnsForEso - Grand Finale announcement & recap of the previous event. It's scavenger hunt time!  [EU]

Here is a few impressions from that event – admittedly over the excitement we may have not taken as many when we were in the thick of things, so these are from the very start and past the closing time mostly.

Now, however, we turn our gaze firmly to what lies ahead.

This coming Sunday, the 29th of March, at 18.00 CEST in back in Wayrest we will be undertaking our, hopefully, biggest event yetThe Scavenger Hunt, starting right in front of the bank.

->Please note I wrote CEST as this Sunday the big clockening happens and thus daylight savings time starts.<-

What we need for this is you! You all! We want your attention, yes, we openly admit that, we want your passion, your craving for a bigger, brighter ESO.

And we're not above blatantly pandering for it by offering you a prize, ha! Because, hey, we love bunnies but even more than that we love to make people happy and we surely hope we can and will achieve that, spreading the joy in our hearts and the love to everyone.

What you need:

  • Yourself. It'll be hard without that
  • Getting to Wayrest's bank in time, we start at 18.00 CET and while we have plans in place that allow people to join up while being a bit late, it'll mean you'll have to think harder than others
  • Familiarizing yourself with Wayrest a little can help, but won't be strictly necessary

What'll happen:

  • A multi-step scavenger hunt where you need to find someone in a specific location and solve a bit of a riddle to find said location

  • Each location's volunteer holds a keyphrase for you that you need to repeat at the next step so noone can accidentally go from step 1 to step 4, no no, you need to progress through them properly

  • At the end everyone who attended gets a commemoration prize, the first one to arrive at the last leg will receive a bonus prize on top, all of these prizes will be furniture related or decorative.

Why we do what we do:

  • We love pets. We love them in ESO especially.

  • We love bunnies. ESO has no bunny pet. We want to change this.

You are welcome no matter what, be it as spectator, be it as participant or be it as volunteer (we have these sorted already, however additional offers can be backups "in case"). Let us all bring some love, some joy, some fluffiness to everyone this Sunday, 18.00 CEST, Wayrest bank.

Yours truly,

Clavius Lydoris Probus, acrobat of accentuation on behalf of LadySky and Coldfreeze


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