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#BunnsForEso’s recap of the second “March For Bunnies” event [EU]

TheElderScrolls9 - #BunnsForEso's recap of the second "March For Bunnies" event  [EU]

Well met, travellers!

As some of you may know, this past Sunday, we, the pet friends from #BunnsForEso, held our second March For Bunnies event and I have come to share some of what went down with those of you who could not make it.

Shifting the location from Wayrest to Vukhel Guard for this event, we decided to make the best use of the lovely surroundings near its bank and held a big get-together including a costume contest with all the bells and whistles and fur and teeth and claws and… wait, what?

Well, of course this was not just some contest, it was pet themed! So as long as your costume was somehow pet-related, it was valid to enter and chance upon the grand prizes set aside from anonymous donors and of course, as always, everyone was welcome to hang around and show their love for all things pets and especially for our long-eared fluffy friends who, for some sinister reason no doubt, have no home in our homes yet!

I hear you say: travesty! Everyone deserves long-eared snuggles, floppity flops and nibbling squeals – and by all means, we agree! But we are here to change this, one March at a time of course.

Without further ado, I present to everyone the three four winners of the costume contest:

1st Place: Chrysadril, winning the Grand Prize of 100,000 gold

2nd Place: Maxyne, winning the Prize of 50,000 gold

3rd Place: Nickoletta Aurora, winning the Prize of 25,000 gold

4th Place: Vyrthus Ganonthar, winning a Special Consideration Prize of 10,000

Here is the image gallery of the event with additional commentary


Congratulations to you all and all those who participated should know: they are all appreciated greatly! We love having each and every one of you there and spread some love.

Now, as I did last time, let me point out that this coming Thursday I will update you all with what exactly lies ahead for the next March For Bunnies, which will be held coming Sunday the 22nd right at 18.00 CET and will this time take place right in the city of Mournhold, right in front of its bank.

Now if I was a clever bunny, like you all are, I'd start getting a hold of some carrots – mind you, no obscene amounts – and stow them away safely. Who knows. Might be you'd make good use of them there.


Yours truly, Clavius Lydoris Probus, Spitter of Words, on behalf of LadySky and Coldfreeze

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