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By Popular Demand: My Personal ReShade Profile

TheElderScrolls7 - By Popular Demand: My Personal ReShade Profile


035zzurbk0p51 - By Popular Demand: My Personal ReShade Profile

Lately I've been posting some of my screenshots to the sub
r/elderscrollsonline as part of an ongoing series titled "Capturing The Adventure".

I've been having a lot of people comment or PM me asking if I use ReShade or if they could get my ReShade profile.

Sadly, I do not personally use ReShade, but rather to to tweak my images in Adobe Photoshop and/or Lightroom. Mostly this is due to the Dehaze tool as well as other local adjustments.

However, due to the increasing interest in my personal editing style, I have decided to take a stab at creating my own custom ReShade profile that captures my preferences and style as best I could and share it with the community.

Below are links for the ReShade Profile and ReShade-Shaders used, as well as some before and after demonstrations of the Profile.

Let me know what you think.



Here is a Mediafire link to the ReShade files:
file - By Popular Demand: My Personal ReShade Profile

I've include the ReShade Profile.ini as well as the "reshade-shaders" folder containing only the shaders I used.

  • If you have other profiles and know how to use ReShade, you should only copy over the profile (assuming you already have all the shaders used)
  • If you're doing a clean install of ReShade 4.7.0 DELETE the actual "reshade-shaders" folder in your client directory after installing and copy over the profile .ini AND shaders folder over from the Mediafire link.

The profile is designed to:

  • Give more off an amber feel from your sun and fire, and over all a bit warmer.
  • Cooler blues and purples in the shadows.
  • A little bit more localized saturation in the sky via bloom shaders so the sky feels lets dull.
  • Blues are pushed more towards cyan for that cinematic vibe.
  • Soften a bit with gaussian blur and "Filmic bloom", then re-sharpened to give it more of a dreamy feel.

**Note:**For the profile, I also included the same Depth-Of-Field used in "Advanced Neat Perfection (2020)" for those who want to use this. Depth Mapping is a little funky in ReShade 4.0+ for online multiplayer games so I recommend binding it to a key to toggle it on/off if you like to use it. Otherwise just disable it. (It's really only useful for 1st Person/Screenshots anyway.)



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