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Cadwell’s Elsweyr Story: A Theory

TheElderScrolls12 - Cadwell's Elsweyr Story: A Theory

Unless it wasn't known to a lot of people, Cadwell is apparently supposed to play a big part in the main story of the Elsweyr Chapter for ESO. We all (hopefully) know and love Cadwell. He's the lovely soul shriven chap with a pot on his head from the original main story of the game. He's unique in that he's the only soul shriven we know of to retain some modicum of intelligence and/or sanity, as he is fully capable of speech, quite fluent with it actually, and is also quite the talented and skilled warrior, referring to himself as a Knight.

I'm sure we've all wondered about the man's past as well. We know virtually nothing about his past aside from the fact that his name is Cadwell, which even that might not be his true name, not that he would really even know it anymore though. This brings up my theory. Why put him in the Elsweyr Chapter unless it's to explore upon his past? If that's not the intention, then what is?

The thought of who exactly Cadwell is, as well as what part he would have to play in Elsweyr, got to me recently, and I wanted to know more, but had no real idea where to look. That's when I remembered the one bit of story, of lore, that we know of Elswyer that has any baring upon the main story; Khunzar-ri and the Demons.

This book can be found next to Zahari, the daily quest giver, after the Elsweyr Prologue Quest has been completed. It details the ancient Khajiiti hero Khunzar-ri's encounter with Kaalgrontiid and his brethren. The story refers to them as Demons, but they are in fact the Dragons set loose from the Halls of Colossus during the prologue quest. In the story, Khunzar-ri realizes quickly that not even he alone would be able to defeat the Demons, and so he decides to form a Kra'Jun, a company of heroes, to hunt the Demons and put a stop to their plot to gain the power of the moons, Jone and Jode. Of the Kra'Jun, one member stuck out to me, as he remains unnamed from the story, only referred to as "the one who would become the Betrayer". Here are a few lines from the story:


"Finally, Khunzar-ri asked he who would become the Betrayer to lend him his sword, for there was no finer warrior in all the land."

"It was he who would become the Betrayer who eventually made the suggestion. "The demons seek to consume the moons. Why not let them have them? Or, to be more precise, let them think we have surrendered and acquiesced to their plans."

"Flinthild and the Kra'Jun took the urn to the ancient place of power, while Khunzar-ri went to do what he did best: convince the demons to follow the lure and walk into the trap of their own free will. And that is what he did, before the Betrayer earned his name. As you shall hear."

This Betrayer is regarded as being a highly talented and skilled warrior, called "no finer warrior in all the land" by Khunzar-ri himself. He is the one who was smart and clever enough to come up with the plan to trick the Demons. And he is the one who, through unknown means, betrayed the Kra'Jun, earning him the name of Betrayer in the first place.

No finer warrior… What other warrior do we know of who is regarded in a similar fashion, and also lacks details on who exactly he is, and what his past is? Cadwell.

Now, this is just a Theory, so don't take this all as fact, but I do find it interesting that the story mentions this Betrayer, and that Cadwell, a character whos past we know nothing of, who is a highly skilled warrior, and is rather clever, just so happens to have a big part to play in this chapter's main story… It's definitely a fact worth noting…

(NOTE: Flaired as Spoiler because I'm certain there are people who have not done the prologue quest yet or simply don't want to potentially spoil some info for themselves in general.)

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