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Cakes and a Calamity: A new’ish player’s tale

TheElderScrolls10 - Cakes and a Calamity: A new'ish player's tale

First off, a tiny bit of background. After being on the fence for half a year, I finally decided to give ESO a go. I've been thoroughly enjoying my experience thus far as a lover of RPGs and the Elder Scrolls Series, and someone that's had plenty of MMO experience themselves. Now, where exactly does cake – or a calamity, for that matter – fit into this whole thing, you might be wondering.

On the second or third day, I realised I could in fact get a free voucher from the Crown Store – I did this and got my cake and thought, huh, neat, I can get tickets and eventually get a mount or something over a long period of time. Cool!

Two days after this, I actually realised that I got an experience buff – 100%!?! – for two whole hours when using it, when checking out my stats! And thus, I started saving up my quests, then I'd queue for a dungeon, eat my cake for the day before the end for the huge XP boost, and hand in all those stored-up quests. Now, anyone that's probably a bit more knowledgable with the game knows exactly where all of this is going, don't you?


Come to last night, where in Reaper's March, I had been saving up all the sidequests at the completion stage. Then, something hit me: The mementos only have a 45 second cooldown, and I had already eaten the cake for my tickets today. But what if I used the cake again? Out of morbid curioisty, I did it. Naturally – as I had already researched, and thus known – I wouldn't get tickets, as that's an once-per-day thing. But… I got a new 2 hour, 100% experience buff. And thus, I found out I have been playing 90% of the time without a 100% experience buff that I could've just.. had for free, at all times, or so I assume?

Naturally, I feel really, really, really stupid about this. On the other hand, playing fairly hardcore for the past week and a bit, I'm nearly at CP 160, so I'm quite excited to finally be able to start saving up and improving "endgame" gear that won't be replaced, and I'm honestly quite enjoying myself so far!

TL;DR: Didn't realise I could eat the jubilee cake more than once per day for a permanent(?) 100% XP boost during the anniversary event, altered my playstyle to try and optimize 2hr XP boost every day.

Hopefully, someone gets a laugh out of this at my expense. To close up, I have a question: What silly, embarrassing things did you do when you first started out with ESO that you look back and laugh at fondly now?

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