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Can anyone give me some good advice on casual tanking in this game?

TheElderScrolls5 - Can anyone give me some good advice on casual tanking in this game?

So first off, the story how we got to this point. I bought this game when it was on sale with steam, also got all the expansions since it only required me to buy Greymoor and also run ESO+ as it isn't dipping too hard into finances right now. Which means at least accessibility to anything is not an issue. I started because a few friends played and seemingly enjoyed the game, including my girlfriend. As an avid MMO player that got bored by a content draught in another game, well this was a fun side project. As my girlfriend was their tank so far but absolutely unhappy with it I decided to go for that role, which worked fine together with her support. I read a lot of things about tanking, almost religiously followed a guide for a DK health tank and even started another toon to have those juicy Nord passives running. As I was given gold for some inventory space and training gear every 20 levels the journey so far was a breeze and I loved the progress up to now. Sadly only my girlfriend remains and we are a jolly party of 2.

Now sitting at CR180 though I start wondering about a lot of things. Gear wise I am not great yet, but I have a thorough plan how to stock that up in the future. Thanks to the Summerset event I at least can run a 5 heavy Grace of Gloom set, 2 piece Vanus (belt+ring) and 5 piece Gryphon (shoulder, jewlery, weapons), everything but the jewlery is purple. So yeh the gear itself is pretty selfish and even for that not optimised, but I just started, it works and I will change that when I get the time for that. Stat points went so far 20 in health and rest in stamina, which is fine enough for what I was doing so far as I sit at 27k hp which will only go up when my enchanting can make stuff higher than CP50. I read that 25k+ is fine for anything casual, so I hope I don't need to bother on that end. And the missing magicka I pushed with enchantments insteaf of slotting stamina glyphs. Skill wise I run almost a full support set as the guide suggested, so not a lot of damage there but great utility. Mostly thanks to the Gryphon set and the ease of the content I was doing so far my DPS varies between anything from 3-6k, though I heard no one cares about tank dps anyway.


So that is pretty much where I sit now, and this is where my doubts and questions roll in. I have pretty much built a full tank, which made me dump a lot of skill points into passives rather than any non-essential active ability, and the actives I did raise up are all mostly survival or buffing abilities. That alone and the 1h+shield line, leave me with not a lot of room to actually do anything effective in the damage territory. Now I am fully aware that a tank in a trial is not going to do any form of DPS and I trust myself to still be at 2k or lower given the right setup or simply not bother at all as I would more worry about not dying anyway. Only issue is that I will not go trials in probably a year, maybe not ever. I also spent more time running around Summerset than being in a dungeon since hitting 50. My only valuable experience was going into Moon Hunter Keep with a new CP103 healer, one new DPS and at least some guy that could point us to the right things. This run was honestly a breeze of a challenge and left us wiping a lot, though clearing after about 50 minutes. Yet with this little experience about the actual PvE environment I started to wonder, am I really well off just being the tank? As said, I will not see a trial anytime soon and no itention to start raiding in 2 MMOs at all right now. That means the highest content I will probably end up in is a Veteran dungeon. I have no grasp about the general playerbase and wonder if I am not better off dropping some of the tank abilities and investing into something more DPS heavy to support PuGs in this less demanding content while still surviving. Or is it truly the overall better choice to play a full tank, support your group and let the dps enjoy their dpsing more, even if they are just average or actually bad? I just need a good grasp on how much of a detriment I would be as a full tank with a group that is not playing optimally.

And about the point that tanks don't NEED to dps. Yes, yes I know. I am a support player at heart, I started League of Legends in season 1 and stayed support for 6 years there. I am the weird guy that plays CC anything in DnD and I hate my current MMO for making anything that could be a support into a DPS with fluff. The only negative here in ESO is the overworld content being a slog, but hey, at least my GF runs with me for the most annoying parts and stabs everything for me! Regardless, I do love being just the support that dumps his own damage to make others shine, it is actually the one role in a game that makes me the most happy to have. Yet I hate to be a detriment or playing non optimal. And what I have right now is a tank build suited for the trial META, a thing I won't even enter at all. But how good is this META outside of 12 man content really? Can I trust the average dungeon PuGs to do well enought hat spamming Ingenious Shield and Agressive Horn is all they need from me? Or should I just go more light on the whole tanking role and invest into some proper DPS abilities to push my own damage to alleviate DPS discrepancies of my team-mates? Also I said gear sets isn't a question, but as I have a lot written out for group utility, more selfish and self heal focused ones and even some purely dps centric, which should I go for in my current situation?

Sorry for the long probably less cohesive rambling. I just really hit a point where I can't figure out a clear path for this game right now. If anyone takes the time to read and understand this, it would be much appreciated. And if anyone can give me a good perspective for a more casual tanking approach, as all I find online is trial experiences, I would love to read about that!

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