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Can anyone help me with a build I saw my friend use back in the day. I believe it was a stamina nightblade.

TheElderScrolls5 - Can anyone help me with a build I saw my friend use back in the day. I believe it was a stamina nightblade.

I played initially when this game came put for a good bit and had an op argonian templar healer, and now since I've come back I wanted to focus on pvp in Cyrodil and try to replicate this build I saw my friend play with back in the day.

From what I've read about in my inferior knowledge to this game,I believe his character was a stamina nightblade but I'm not positive. All I remember him doing is sneaking in Cyrodil and waiting to ambush a unexpecting opponent that falls behind their main group. He would sneak all the way up to the opponent then start spamming I believe a magical move but still remain hidden to buff his character up I think? And then he would lunge towards him then and essentially 1-4 shot someone.

He would continue to do this and constantly destroy single opponents, and then retreat in sneak mode if the opponents buddies would show up.

This is my character so far: Lv. 49 Redguard. Nightblade. 108 champion points I haven't used yet. My active effects: Boon: The Tower and Stage 4 Vampirism. 61 points in Stamina. 0 in everything else. Maximum Magicka 10144 Maximum Health 18350 Maximum Stamina 23403 Spell Damage 1396 Spell Critical 20.9% Spell Resistance 12969 Critical Resistance 234 Magicka Recovery 746 Health Recovery 321 Stamina Recovery 1565 Weapon Damage 1396 Weapon Critical 35.3 Physical Resistance 12969


I have pretty generic blue and purple armor so far.

Assassination 50 Shadow 47 Siphoning 41 Two handed 38 One hand and shield 6 Dual wield 34 Bow 47 Destruction staff 8 Light armor 32 Medium armor 50 Heavy armor 43 Ledger man 2 Soul magic 1 Vampire 10 Fighters guild 7 Mages guild 4 Psijic order 4 Assault 3 Support 3 Redguard skill 49

My two handed bar skills are uppercut 4 Ambush 4 Surprise Attack 4 Shadowy Disguise 4 Grim focus 4 and my ultimate is Soul Harvest 4

My bow bar skills are Surprise Attack 4 Strife 4 Poison Injection 3 Shadowy Disguise 4 Uppercut 4 and ultimate is Soul Harvest 4.

I have 20 skill points to spend and i don't believe I have anything morphed yet.

In my champion points thing I have 36 in The Lover all in Mooncalf. 36 in the Ritual all in Mighty. 36 in The Steed all in Ironclad.

Is there anything else I need to describe about my character that I forgot?

I essentially want to do the same thing as my buddies character I saw back in the day. Ambush singled out opponents and then sneak away before anyone can see me.

Thanks for any and all help. Thank you so much and sorry if i broke any rules. This is my first time posting.

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