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Can reverting the Supreme Atromancer nerf be considered in the contemporary meta?

TheElderScrolls14 - Can reverting the Supreme Atromancer nerf be considered in the contemporary meta?

Link to Patch 1.66.1, August 2017.

Supreme Atromancer was nerfed from 9 magicka to 10 magicka. The reasoning was as follows:

Like Soul Tear, Supreme Atromancer offers so much late game power that it can push out other slow decks. These two cards contributed to a metagame that felt very hostile to slower midrange and control decks. With these two changes, metagame diversity should improve.

This balance patch was pushed through just over a month after the Skyrim release.

Let me mention the following few cards that have similar effect as a high-impact lategame creature that has the potential to finish a game:
1. Ancano (More flexible damage, taller board precense, turn earlier, similar dangerous passive)
2. Tazkad (higher burst damage, hard to remove, breakthrough, affected by atk buffs)
3. Aspect of Hircine (flexible, higher burst damage, affected by atk buffs)
4. Dagoth Ur (larger swing, affected by atk buffs, higher burst damage, more expensive)

Of which, the latter two are HOM cards.


The impact of Supreme Atromancer is providing 4 face damage, two sizable bodies and a third body that has to be removed urgently due to snowballing. Furthermore, the card has synergy with tokens that can add further face burst.

I think that shifting Atromancer back to 9 magicka could be considered, given the other options available nowadays. Potentially, the passive effect could be changed in order to restrict shenanigans with Nord Firebrands.

Supreme Atromancers main weakness is Ice Storm. However, not all classes can deal 3 damage easily. Therefore, reducing Atromancer's health from 3 to 2 could help a lot if providing other decks with the tools to effectively remove the dangerous passive without committing too many resources.

The main reason I thought of this is because it's a well-known effort to push Midrange into viability, and Supreme Atromancer is an excellent finisher for a Midrange list. Having it compete more directly with the other 9 magicka finishers could help give it a spot in more decks.

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Let me know what you think! Is SA good on 10, or could it be moved to 9? Is a small nerf necessary when opting for the magicka reduction?

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