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Can we just have a brief comment from dev’s on the some of the issues the community is concerned about?

TheElderScrolls15 - Can we just have a brief comment from dev's on the some of the issues the community is concerned about?

It's been weeks since we've heard anything gameplay related from anybody… When Alliance War hype was up, we got a bunch of interaction, and even the famed Wrapter post cq. "reflection" which gave people a lot of hope. Naturally, when a meta is still developing, there's nothing much to say… However, I think I can confidently sayt that the Alliance War meta is slowly getting established and sadly, we have to conclude a few old demons are still hanging around to plague us.

Here's a few potential talking points, but just touching on a few of them work for me.

  • Namira's Shrine/Tullius' Conscription.

  • Tricolor dominance (common suggestion: prevent them from using dual or neutral cards).

  • Ring of Magicka.

  • Uninteractive/Low interaction gameplans.

  • popularity/general "lowroll" powerlevel of some high-variance cards.

  • I guess Prophecies technically fit here, though I'd reckon that's a game mechanic that does need to be formed by card design.

People are free to add on what they are worried about, but my general point is this: Can we get occasional interaction or feedback from the card designers? Direwolf released occasional blog posts and the content and intend of those was always appreciated. There's also a lot of good things to talk about. I think we'd all be very interested in hearing thoughts about the "biggest surprise success-card" of the set, for example!


Just remember when Slay Warrior was frequently talked about. Just the "we are monitoring it and potentially looking at making some changes" already brings a lot of peace to us. Make us feel like we are being heard! Even if you disagree with all us poorly informed critters, tell us what the opposing viewpoint is.

It really feels like we were deserving of attention when AW was about to come out, but now "the cards have been sold" and the community can be neglected for a little while. We'll see you when the next set's numbers need to be pumped up!

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As a minor sidenote, I know occasionally things get said in the weekly stream, but I don't consider a 90 minute VOD that may "potentially" include relevant information a correct way to communicate.

As a secondary minor sidenote, comments like "stats show it's fine" or "casual players wouldn't understand" aren't particularly useful in isolation. Stats can be manipulated and misrepresented even with the best of intends, so at least give some of the parameters in the statement (e.g. for Top 200 Legend players, Ebonheart Control has a 8% popularity with 48% winrate, consisting of ~40% verse aggro and ~65% against control). Secondly, Difficulty to understand things can largely be communicated in the tutorial and through UI design. What I mean to say is, such comments frequently feel like a cop-out instead of a fair consideration, because they can generally apply to every single point of critique people have.

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