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Can we stop with the “Stormcloaks are racist” thing?

TheElderScrolls10 - Can we stop with the "Stormcloaks are racist" thing?

First, let me preface this far too overly long commentary by saying I don't want to seem like I'm whining about people having opinions, having opinions about one side or the other is part of the fun of these games! But people like to throw around the word 'racist' a lot on this sub & I feel like they're missing the point of the fantasy politics.

Like, I genuinely love the fake comment wars like: "I always pick the Empire because XYZ!" with a dumb reply from someone else: "Skyrim belongs to the Nords!" That stuff is silly & enjoyable, but saying Ulfric = Donald Trump because racism isn't nearly as funny. I don't know about other people, but I personally don't really enjoy hearing about real life politics on a sub about a fun game with imaginary fantasy politics.

Sure, our greeting into Windhelm was a couple of drunk Nords being super racist, (which is blood boiling to have to sit through, I'm glad they let you have a fist fight with one of them. lol) but our greeting to Solitude was a man getting his head chopped off & people cheering over it. That's way more messed up! I'm not 100% sure about this, but I haven't found any of the Stormcloak's torture rooms with any spilled blood. But most of the Empire's torture rooms are blood soaked.

The Beastfolk both hate each other. Argonians especially distrust everyone but themselves.

The Redguards, Bretons, & Orcs have this wonderful triangle relationship where the Orcs always loose.

The Altmer think everyone else alive are genetically inferior to them.


The Dunmer used to enslave Beastfolk & they hate anyone who wasn't born in Morrowind.

The (now dead) Ayleids used to literally make "art" out of human gore & torturing their human slaves was entertainment… they did this as a society, not just in secret dungeons tucked away underground.

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Everybody hates everybody in Tamriel! (except for the Bosmer? maybe?)

I think Nords distrusting Elves is pretty fair, especially since their ancestors were slaughtered by the Snow Elves. And the Thalmor are not only invading their homeland & way of life, they've also taken over their closest ally & superpower of Tamriel, Cyrodil, favoring espionage over fighting up front. I'd be on edge too!

The pretend politics in Skyrim are supposed to be so complex that it's hard to pick a side, & I believe that they did a pretty decent job at it. It's about more than just what you see & hear on the surface & that's what makes these games interesting. But somehow racism is worse than genocide & slavery to modern real life politics so that's all you hear about on here.

Sorry if I'm raining on anyone else's fun, I just thought I'd put my 2 cents in. Or judging by the size of my post maybe more like 20 bucks in? Whatever, sorry for the long read if you hated it. lol I just hope they make us pick sides again somehow in ES6, arguing about nerd stuff is fun.

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