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Can’t seem to commit to a character, looking for other opinions

TheElderScrolls4 - Can't seem to commit to a character, looking for other opinions

I've been dipping into this game off and on since it went free-to-play (and then promptly spent some money on the expansion content and a couple DLCs). One problem I've always had is that I can't seem to just stick to one character, because every character I play makes me want to play a different one and I just go in a circle. I'm just playing solo with the occasional dungeon run, and mostly I just want to scratch my MMO itch and have an adventure with a fun character.

So far, I've been rotating between:

  • DW/bow Stam Nightblade – typical "assassin" type, I like the burst gameplay and using stealth, but it feels kinda like that's all there is to it. This is also my TG + DB character.
  • Destro/Resto Magicka Necro – Hybrid for solo and impromptu group play (group dungeons, dragons in Elsweyr, etc), I like the flavor of the necro but the combat gameplay is a bit lacking and the spell effects aren't as interesting as I'd hoped.
  • Destro/Destro Magicka Sorcerer – "storm sorcerer" build, not the most optimized, but just all the lightning ever. I rather like lightning magic, but destro staff combat feels a bit spammy and low-impact. Maybe that changes at higher levels?
  • 1HS+2H Stam Dragonknight – tank/dps hybrid focusing on poison morphs. Love the "green dragon" theme (shoulda been an argonian tbh) but, possibly due to me attempting a hybrid build, the damage is a bit lacking and makes for boring fights. Also something that improves with levels maybe?
  • Destro/Resto Magicka Templar – tried this as an alternative to the magicka sorc, some of the effects are flashy and cool but see previous criticism if destro staff combat. Also, not as attracted to the thematics as I am with the others.

All these characters are between levels 20-35, they're spread out between the three alliances, and so far the only expansion content I've completed is Elsweyr (on the necro), with Morrowind having been partially done by the nightblade and Summerset being untouched. Also, I don't have any plans to make a vampire or werewolf character (the werewolf playstyle doesn't interest me, though I don't know enough about vampire to know if I definitely do/don't want to be one).


I'm also considering a 2h stam necro as a "death knight" (tried it briefly, respecced back to magicka, might have better luck as a new character) or Warden frost tank (not sure if I'd actually enjoy a pure-tank build for solo, and Warden is the class that interests me the least).

Right now I'm kinda leaning toward the storm sorcerer, though I don't like being a high elf and would probably just remake the character (only level 20). The hybrid DK is in a close second. I'm also slightly undecided as to which alliance to play through, though that's not as big of a deal since that decision will largely be based on the character in question (and I have Any Race, Any Alliance to boot).

Anyway, I guess I'm just asking for some opinions to be tossed my way and see if I get nudged one way or the other. What do you guys recommend?

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