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I just lost a game as I wasn't able to attack an Exalted Almalexia with House Kinsman winning me the game (They gave it guard and I had no other reach before I died the following turn) this is one of the few things I'd like to see made more flexible, because it allows for more fair gameplay, not rewarding those who cheese the game.

Abilities like this shouldn't stop creatures from attacking as Almalexia's ability reads "immune to damage" not "can not be targeted by damage" while not really a huge issue it would be a QoL improvement if cards aren't able to be played if there is nothing stoppong them from being played.

A while back someone made this arguement for Icestorm and a reason someone said it should not be able to be played without a target is because then we'd be able to play Javelin or other actions with no targets, but where this falls short is Javelin's text specifically reads to target a creature while Icestorm doesn't, I don't know of it's been reintroduced yet either, but allowing Barilzar's Tinkering to Betray even if you only have one creature to use it on an enemy creature on board is the kind of flexibility I like it makes cards less limiting and in turn more powerful.


A valid argument is that new players might get these "feel bad" moments and while it's true for mobile users who might accidentally play an Icestorm that could have saved them the game, or a player might accidentally attack an exalted creature only for it to do nothing. It won't harm the game as a whole as the players have no one to blame but themselves, and has them actually play. The biggest issue is that casual players (those who have their attention on something else while playing) losing to plays they would not have made if they were focused, I believe a middle ground could be made where after the tutorial to players is passed they are shown a message that can't be skipped by furiously tapping the out edge of the screen saying if they want to switch to "complex mode" and says plays that are for utility and will often have no obvious impact will be allowed, saying it is for players who are focused on a match, and leaving it off will not allow these plays and is recommended for casual players, but can be turned on/off in the main menu settings. Accidental plays might be annoying on mobile, but it would then be their fault for having this "complex mode" on (I have no idea how easy or difficult that would be to implement), but it would certainly make the game more skill intensive & allow for niche decks like the creature less kind to thrive better.

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