The Elder Scrolls

Cards that interact with your opponent’s hand/deck/graveyard or available resources. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

TheElderScrolls5 - Cards that interact with your opponent's hand/deck/graveyard or available resources. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

In this post I'm going to reflect on the current tech cards in the game, whether or not I perceive them as healthy, and what could be done to balance them if such a thing were to happen.

We're going to be looking at the following cards:

  • Cast into Time

  • Piercing Twilight

  • Grummite Magus

  • Garnag

  • Withered Hand Cultist

  • Scamp

  • Hallowed Deathpriest

  • Memory Wraith

  • Wrath of Sithis

If I've forgotten any please let me know and I'll update the post.

The Good:

Grummite Magus, Hallowed Deathpriest, Memory Wraith, Scamp, Wrath of Sithis

I love to hate on these cards as much as the next guy, and it sucks when they hit something good, but for the most part, these are balanced cards. There are drawbacks to playing them. Scamp is an understatted 3/3, Deathpriest and Memory Wraith are nearly useless against Aggro, and Grummite comes down so late that you don't care if it just took away your bolt: you probably won by then anyways.

These are cards that have drawbacks to playing them. They aren't auto-includes in every deck that can afford to put them in. Unfortunately, we're seeing Tribunal play a lot of Memory Wraith and Deathpriest now, but that may be a function of the deck being extremely strong and being able to support them rather than the cards themselves being busted.

The Bad



Being a unique legendary, this card deserves to have some oomph. It comes with the trade off that it doesn't impact the game until later, but it still might be your best on curve play. But the magicka restriction might be a bit much – keep in mind, this card was printed at the same time when rage costed 7. Garnag is certainly stronger than any of the aforementioned cards and is much more playable, but it's ability to impact games is restricted. I'm mostly for keeping Garnag as is, but wouldn't be against seeing the magikca restriction being increased to 8. That way I can play Ancano on curve in my Mid BM deck while Garnag is down Rage and Dawn's Wrath are opened up as counters.

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The Ugly

Withered Hand Cultist, Piercing Twilight, Cast into Time

These cards aren't just tech choices: they are archetype defining staples. They go in every deck that can afford them. Their effect is game changing at what it does but they still have good stats too, or they are just too cheap.

I'm not sure that Withered Hand should survive an 8-cost Ice Storm and continue to muff your opponent's hand on their following turn.

Piercing Twilight is as good of a guard you can print in blue at 4-cost, while being extremely versatile and efficient in ALL matches. Whether you Piercing Twilight a Cliff Racer or you hit an Odirniran Necromancer, this card is insane.

Cast into Time is on the same level. It's just unconditional hard removal with a game changing effect.

Withered Hand – 3/3

Piercing Twilight – 4/3

Cast into Time – 6 cost

Just my thoughts. The TL;DR is I just hate seeing "hate" cards be so good that they don't present a drawback in games where their effect is not needed.

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