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Celebrating 200,000 Subscribers w/ Zenimax Online Studios AUA

TheElderScrolls14 - Celebrating 200,000 Subscribers w/ Zenimax Online Studios AUA

Congratulations /r/elderscrollsonline on reaching the milestone of 200,000 subscribers!

That's an amazing feat, and it marks only the fourth time an MMORPG subreddit has crossed the 200k threshold (behind /r/wow, /r/guildwars2, and /r/ffxiv) – and puts us within less than 40,000 Subscribers of becoming the second largest MMORPG sub on the platform.

In celebration of 200K and ESO's Fifth Anniversary, Zenimax Online Studios will be hosting an open AUA here on the subreddit.

To celebrate, the team at ZOS has graciously agreed to participate in a brand new AUA for our community, just in time for the Elsweyr launch.

Mark your calendars for Monday, 03-June at 1:30p EDT (5:30p GMT), and get your questions ready!

The History of /r/elderscrollsonline

Interested in how our sub got to 200k subscribers?

Image of /r/elderscrollsonline growth – referenced below

  1. Growth spurts from various beta events
  2. April 2014 – ESO PC launch
  3. Post Launch Blues – subreddit subscribers slump post launch
  4. January 2015 – B2P announcement
  5. March 2015 – B2P launches on PC
  6. June 2015 – ESO Console launch
  7. Post console launch slow and steady growth
  8. June 2016 – BE3 presentation and One Tamriel announcement
  9. Post BE3 steady growth rate
  10. October 2016 – One Tamriel launches with several months of increased growth
  11. January 2017 – ESO: Morrowind announced with best growth outside PC/Console launches
  12. January 2018 – ESO: Summerset announced with even higher subscriber growth through launch in June
  13. June 2018 – ESO: Summerset launch sees largest single-month subscriber growth since 2015 Console Launch
  14. January 2019 – ESO: Elsweyr announcement drives steady, aggressive subscriber growth until 200k subscribers met!
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A Note From The Mods

It's hard to believe that we've come this far – it was just two years ago that we were here celebrating having reached 100,000 Subscribers, so to be here with a community that's grown to twice that size is truly astounding.

Just over seven years ago, this community was formed by a hopeful few who dreamed of adventuring together in a game that was, at the time, little more than a pipedream – and now we're 200,000 strong, with no signs of slowing down.

It's been a wonderful journey since then. Mere days until Elsweyr – after a year of Summerset, two years since Morrowind, three years of One Tamriel, four years since Tamriel Unlimited, five years since Launch Day – and seven fantastic years of elderscrollsonline.

On behalf of tall of us – thank you. It's been an honor and a privilege to serve as your Mod Team.

Thanks for stopping by, and of course –


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