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Hello! As I see many questions about what class to pick / what class is good , I have decided to give it a try to present in a short way each class

Templar : Templar is a "warrior of light". This class is for people who like flashy skills, a combination between AoE monstrous damage and great single target damage, or, for people who like to be an indispensable healer, templars being the best healers in game.

  • The magicka build is a great for people who are not sure what they would like to play, Damage Dealer or Healer. Want to heal? Switch your set(s), equip different skills and you are good to go. You don't have to respec any ability / attributes to do that. Great class for beginners due to the healing of the main spammable skill.
  • The stamina build is great for people who prefer a clean rotation. It has the easiest rotation, while having great damage capabilities. It is really good for soloing overland and normal dungeons. It's sustain is amazing in fights where are many adds. Want a flashy light knight that can melt bosses while spamming light spears?

Sorcerer : Sorcerer is a lightning maniac. It even has a skill that engulfs you in lightning and deals damage to mobs surrounding you. It is a great class for people who like pet builds and lightning theme.

  • The magicka build is for people who like to use pets or like to create a murder of lightning AoE , so you melt any monster that may stay in front of you (or both, like me). It is a great class for beginners, having the biggest shields in game, 2 pets that can do a lot of damage and a skill that heals you everytime you crit.
  • The stamina build is great. It has the same advantages of a magicka build, but its sustain is better, damage is higher and has nice visuals ( I love the Hurricane look ) . It certainly needs more love, like an ultimate skill that fits the Air theme , but it is a fun class to play, with an easy rotation and good survivability.

Dragonknight : Dragonknight is all about fire. FIRE FIRE FIRE. If you like having the biggest AoE damage and see your enemies melting literally, or you like to see mobs surrounding you and struggling to kill you, then this class is certainly your choice.

  • The magicka build has the highest AoE damage of all classes. It also has one of the highest single target damage outputs. It is the closest you'll ever be to a battlemage: melee range, magicka used for enhancing your armor and healing, fire breathing.
  • The stamina build is a toxic dragon, literally. You don't breath fire, you breath poison. The damage output is really good, it has a pretty easy rotation , with good sustain. The nice part is that, you change a few skills, equip a different set and you became a tank. A really strong tank.

Nightblade : Do you want to play as an assassin or a bloodmage? Do you want to play a high skill / high reward class? Then you should definitely try Nightblade. Also, nightblades are pretty good tanks, as I see my guildmates easily tanking veteran DLCs with a nightblade tank.

  • The magicka build is literally, a blood mage. You heal yourself as long as you damage other's, sucking part of their life out of them everytime you hit them. It has amazing sustain, great damage output and , let's be honest, their skills just look dope. I love magblades, but I still suck at their rotation.
  • The stamina build is an assassin. It has great sustain, you heal yourself as long as you keep attacking and you even have a spectral bow, that appears from time to time! It certainly is a great class, but hard to master, compared to any other build. I tried it too, but again, i suck at their rotation.

Warden : Would you like to play as a guardian of the forest? Then Warden is the one for you. This class is all about Animal Companions( it has a bear as it best friend and a flying jello to buff him ). It is a bit difficult to master the rotation, but once you do it, it can be really fun to play

  • The magicka build is like a druid, you use the spirits of the forest, animal companions to heal yourself and your allies, or to destroy your enemies. Ice is his favourite element. It has great sustain and you can easily switch between healer and damage dealer on a magicka warden.
  • The stamina build is more like a ranger. You use the same animal companions to damage your enemies, but through disease and poison damage, not magic and ice . This class makes for the best Dual Bow setup, due to the fact that it's main spammable is ranged. If you are tired of damage, equip a different set, change few skills and you are good to go as a tank. A great self healing tank

I can't talk about necromancer, as I do not own Elsweyr. But I will definitely try a magicka necromancer as soon as I get it. Also, i do realise that from my description, it can be seen what classes/ builds i fancy more. I tried all, except for a stamina sorcerer, but i really love their thematic and i really wish the developers to give them more love and rework some of the skills to give it more identity.

This is my honest opinion about all classes and i wish i found something describing how playing a certain class feels more than their damage capabilities, as most classes can dish out enough damage to do any content, when played properly.

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